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standing in front of the vehicle facing the engine look 2 the front right side of the upper radiator hose ITS connected 2 a plate UNDER the throttle body injection,IF its a few vehicle it has electrical wire going 2 it-not Vaccume. right side of motor towards the rear.

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โˆ™ 2004-11-27 20:52:11
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Q: Where is the EGR valve on a GMC Jimmy S15 4.3l?
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Is a 1995 blazer and GMC Jimmy egr valve the same?


How do you replace a egr valve in a 1995 gmc jimmy 43L Engine?

remove the intake hose and the exhaust port screwed into the egr valve, the remove the two retaining bolts from the intake and clean any old gasket material away. if possible run a piece of wire down the hole to make certain the passage is clear of carbon build up

1995 GMC Jimmy starts ok but wont idle why?

It could be that your EGR valve has failed or has a piece of carbon stuck in it .

Where is the heater control valve located on a 2001 gmc jimmy?

heater control valve located on 2001 gmc jimmy 4.3l

What does a egr valve on 1999 gmc suburban look like?

Depends on the year. Here is a site that has pictures of an EGR valve for a 1997 - 1999 Suburban: Go to and search for an EGR valve for your year rig.

Where is EGR valve on 1992 GMC Sonoma?

behind the throttle body

When driving your 1997 GMC Jimmy SUV when putting on breaks the motor wants to die?

When my 1997 Jimmy did this , it was a dead alternator. However, The same symptoms in my 1994 came from a clogged EGR valve.

Where can you find the egr valve on a 1997 gmc jimmy vortec v6?

The EGR valve is located in the center of the intake, at the front of the engine, between the alternator and the A/C compressor. I've added a picture of the location to the links on the right. It is titled "Picture of EGR valve location, on 1996 - 2001 4.3L (262c.i.) Vortec V6 engines"

Where is the PCV valve on a 1999 GMC Jimmy?

The PCV valve on a 1999 GMC Jimmy is located on top of the engine, on the left side. It connects the valve cover to the intake manifold.

Where is the egr valve located on a 5.7l 1995 GMC sierra?

The EGR valve is located on the intake manifold,behind and to the passenger side of the throttle body.

Does a 2006 GMC sierra 1500 have a egr valve?

yes they do... Or at least on a duramax

Where is the fuel injection on a 1995 gmc jimmy vortec?

Under your intake manifold. Its a pain to change them, so do them all and clean out thee egr valve too. it is also under there.

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