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North of the Pokemon league (Take the seabreak path)

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Where can you catch shymin in Pokemon platinum?

the flower paradise on route 224

Where is flower paradise on Pokemon platinum?

is in the sky. the only way to get thete is with some sort of flute

When you get to flower paradise what do you do in platinum?

it does not exist. sorry matey.flower paradise, or the gracidea flower garden, do not exist in the game. what a shame!

When you get to the flower paradise how do you catch Shaymin?

THIS only works on Pokemon Platinum... Go to Floroma city. Talk to the lady next to a sign. She will give you the flower.

Where do you get a shaymin?

Flower Paradise in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

How do you get oaks lettter to get shaymin in Pokemon platinum?

you use a Nintendo event or action replay for it and it gets you shaymin on flower paradise

Where do you get shaymin on Pokemon Platinum?

go to the gracadia flower garden on route 224 and go to flower paradise and surf hope i helped :) by the way you need oaks letter!! :0

Where is shaymon?

Shaymin can be found on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum in the Flower Paradise. Flower Paradise is in the most North Eastern part of the map at the end of Seabreak Path. This area can only be accessed with Oak's Letter which is an event exclusive item.

In Pokemon Platinum how do you get the gracidea flower?

Shaymin event or Shaymin cought in Pokemon Platinum

Where is flower paridise in Pokemon Diamond?

Flower paradise is an island you get to by using an event or action replay.You get to it by getting a letter from a green guy from professor oak.The green guy will be in any Pokemon mart.Follow the instructions on the letter to get to flower paradise.It is above the Pokemon league.For better details,get the letter and it will tell you how to get to flower paradise,and that will tell you where flower paradise is.

How do you get to flower paradise in platinum?

You need to have Oak's Letter, which was/might be again distributed for an event.

How do you get the gracidea flower on Pokemon diamond?

you can't you can only get it on Pokemon platinum

Where do you get shayman in Pokemon Platinum?

You'll need to the event item called Oak's Letter and go to Flower Paradise. It is unobtainable anymore. You'll need to trade for one.

How can you get a Oak's letter in Pokemon platinum and what event is it?

You can only get Oak's Letter from a Nintendo event or via a cheating device. The event activates the Flower Paradise where Shaymin is at in-game.

How do you get professor oak to flower paradise on Pokemon platinum?

Professor Oak will not appear directly in the Flower Paradise, he'll appear at the start of the long route by it called Seabreak Path which is by the white rock in Route 224 however he'll only appear there if you have the key item Oak's Letter.

On Pokemon platinum how do you get the gracadia flower?

talk to the lady near the honey man and you get a flower

Where is the flower paradise in Pokemon plantum?

It is in an area called Flower Paradise in route 224 which can't be acessed without the item Oak's letter from the mystery gift.

How do you get gracidea flower on Pokemon pearl?

You can't. It is specific to Platinum.

How do I get shaymin at seabreak path in Pokemon platinum?

Get Oak's letter and run across Seabreak path until you are in Flower Paradise and talk to Shaymin battle and Catch it if you like.

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