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Where is the Fuel injector pressure regulator for 1992 Plymouth acclaim located?


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Under the flux capacitor


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The engine computer, behind the battery, is the voltage regulator.

Trouble code 26 in a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim is >>> the Peak Injector circuit voltage has not been reached (need to check computer signals, voltage regulator injectors.) Note: check computer connections! For further ECU codes check out http://www.freeautomechanic.com/diagnostictroblecodes8.html (freeautomechanic.com)

Plymouth Acclaim was created in 1989.

Peak injector current has not been reached (non-turbo) or a problem with an injector circuit (turbo). Check the injector(s) and electrical harnesses.

No. A 1991 Plymouth Acclaim does not have an interference engine.

what are the vavle timing mark's for a 1994 Plymouth acclaim

The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank on a Plymouth Acclaim.

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where can you find the fuel pump relay on a 94 plymouth acclaim?

Dark smoke, oil or fuel from the tailpipe, poor mileage, poor performance, fouled plugs, fuel in the oil, and stalling out. To check this you need to take a fuel pressure reading. Check while the engine is idling, rev the engine, the pressure should increase then return to normal.

The timing belt on a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim is replaced by removing the engine accessories, removing the timing cover, and taking pressure off the idler pulley. The belt can then be slipped off the sprockets, a new belt put in place, and the tension restored.

The word acclaim means to praise enthusiastically and publicly. An Acclaim is also the name of a car that was once made by Plymouth that was produced from 1989 to 1995.

Plymouth does not use inertia/reset switches

My 1991 Plymouth Acclaim manual says mine is R12, but I can't say for the '92 It was built with R12, should be retrofitted to R134a.

You probably have a clogged fuel line or fuel filter. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say fuel filter regulator but I'm guessing you mean pressure regulator for the TBI. Tear down TBI and give it a good cleaning carefull not to scratch or gouge anything.

do to drain a 95 Plymouth Acclaiom transmission? do to drain a 95 Plymouth Acclaiom transmission?

the Plymouth Acclaim was a mid-sized sedan produced from 1989 to 1995.

Go to www.crutchfield.com or call them.

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