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Wizard City, Pet Pavillion

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Q: Where is the Hatchery in Wizard 101?
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Where is the drake hatchery book on wizard 101?

its in the giant homunculus tower

How do you get to the Hatchery on Wizard 101?

When you first arrive at the Pet Pavilion, circle around the fountain and the Hatchery is right behind it.

How do you combine pet on wizard 101?

you go to wizard city hatchery and ask someone to hatch it must be a lvl 48 pet or higher

What are the 2 pets in the hatchery on wizard 101?

One is a piggle. (The pink flying pig). The other is unknown.

How do you hatch a pet at the hatchery on wizard 101?

Click on another Wizard with an adult, ancient, epic, or mega pet, and click Hatch a few buttons under their name.

Where is Ivan soulsinger in wizard 101?

You have to get a side quest from Sunbrand in the Drake hatchery. Other than that, Ivan Soulsinger is in flamewind tower.

What is the next project for wizard 101?

The next project for wizard 101 is the oppsite of wizard 101.So its the bad side of wizard 101.

How does your pet become in adult in wizard 101?

You train it in the Pet Hatchery by playing mini games and feeding it snacks. Once your pet is adult, it can be hatched with other pets to make hybrids.

Who created pirate 101 and wizard 101?

Kingsile created pirate 101 and wizard 101

When was wizard 101 created?

wizard 101 was created in 2007

What are codes for wizard 101 for 2010?

what are codes for wizard 101 for 210

What are some good wizard games BESIDE wizard 101?

Wizard Defense. It doesn't sound as cool as Wizard 101.