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Where is the Honda rebel Carburetor?

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It is located between the Intake Manifold on the engine and the Air Breather, which is under the seat. To remove, turn the fuel shutoff valve to "OFF." Remove the fuel supply hose from the carb; it may help to leave it in place on the shutoff valve. Loosen the hose clamps that connect the carb to the Air Breather and the Intake Manifold. On the right side of the bike, you will have to remove the cover and cables for the throttle control. The cover should be held on by two small screws. The cables will come out of their grooves, but you may have to work at that a bit. For cleaning instructions, search for this:

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Where is the carburetor on a Honda rebel 250?

It is towards the front of the bike located right behind the engine. You might notice a lot of hoses connected to it.

How do you adjust carburetor 300 Honda fourtrax?

How do you adjust carburetor 300 honda fourtrax?

Carburetor adjustment on 1980 Honda z50r?

carburetor adjustment on 1980 Honda z50r

Where is the carburetor located on a 1996 Honda Accord?

The 1996 Honda Accord engine is fuel injected and has no carburetor.

Where is carburetor adjustment screws on 1988 Honda 350 foreman?

The 1988 Honda 350 carburetor adjustment screws are on the side of the carburetor. There also is an adjustment screw on the very top of the carburetor.

What years was the Honda rebel 450 built?

The Honda Rebel CBX450C was only built in 1986 & 87.

Honda rebel kawasaki?

no that's why they call it a HONDA

How do you clean a carburetor on a Honda fourtrax 350 ATV?

you have to take out the carburetor and then clean it

When was the last Honda rebel 400 motorcycle made?

The Honda CMX450C "Rebel 450" was sold in the USA for the model years 1986 and 1987. There was no Rebel 400.

How do you change a carburetor on a Honda Accord?

You don't, it does not have a carburetor. They are fuel injected. Hope this helps!

What size is the carburetor on a 2003 Honda xr 70?

The carburetor is a 22 mm one.

Will Honda rancher 350 carburetor work on Honda rancher 400?

No, a Honda Rancher 350 carburetor will not work on a Honda Rancher 400. The difference in the sizes of the 350 and 400 carburetors are not compatible with each other.

How do you adjust the carburetor on a Honda shadow 750?


Carburetor assembly instructions for 1978 Honda Motorcycle CB750K?

Installing carburetor kits, but no instructions.

Where can you find Honda CB600F Carburetor Diagrams? is a new website that has a carburetor diagram for the CB600F available in their tech section. See the related link.

Will a 1985 Honda Rebel frame fit a 1996 Honda Rebel?

It might, due to the prices of each car. The higher the price the better.

Does 1986 Honda CRX with a carburetor have a computer?

yes they do

2002 Honda rancher carburetor diagram?


Can I use a carburetor from a 98 Honda Civic hx for my 98 Honda Civic ex?

there is no carburetor on either of these vehicles, but if you are referring to the throttle body, then yes, they should be interchangeable.

How much does a Honda Rebel motorcycle weigh?

This depends on the model we are talking about. The weight of the 2012 Honda Rebel CMX250C is 331 pounds with fuel and ready to drive. The Honda Rebel CMX 450 from 1986 weighs 383.6 pounds dry weight, without fuel and oil. The Honda CA Rebel 125, the 2000 model, weighs 302 pounds dry weight.

Honda carburetors for 2004 civic ex?

There is no carburetor on a 2004 Honda Civic. It will be fuel injection.

How do you adjust the flooded carburetor on a 1984 Honda Prelude?

How to you syncronize a 1984 honda prelude carburator?

What oil is recommended for a 2002 Honda rebel 250?

10w40 is the oil that is recommended for a 2002 Honda Rebel 250. Do not use an oil that is lighter than 10w40.

How big is a suzuki 50c incomparison to a Honda rebel 250?

the Honda rebel 250 is 250cc and the Suzuki C50 is 800cc thus making the Suzuki 3 times lager in capacity than the Honda.

Carburetor rebuild kit for Honda CB 750f?

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