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Under the plastic cover that is attached a top the motor on the right.

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it your standing in from of the car it is under the big plastic cover on the right side.

The oil filter is located on a Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L V6 underneath the front of the engine. There is a protective cover that must be removed to expose the oil filter.

The oil filter is located on the back side of the engine, near the bottom. The oil filter can be best viewed from beneath the engine.

The oil pressure light switch is located in the engine compartment on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. It is to the right of the oil filter.

The 1999 Sonata oil filter can be found on the right hand side of the engine. The oil filter will be near the bottom of the engine next to the oil pan.

The oil filter is located right above the right subframe rail, behind the rightfront tire.

The oil filter is located towards the front left of the oil pan looking at the underside of the car from the front bumper.

The oil filter for a Hyundai Getz is on the drivers side of the engine. The filter is midway between the front and back of the engine.

its under the skid protector on the right side. in front of the oil pan

it is located directly under the engine it is in plain view if you look under it.

The Hyundai Sonata's transmission range sensor is located directly below the vehicle's oil filter. It is located near the range switch.

right on the other side of the transmission oil pan

Trans filter is located near the air box on top of the transmission. It looks like an oil filter.

The Valvoline Oil Filter is V05.

take off the top cover on the engine (6 screws), you will see it. it is a canister-type filter

look just off center for 2 hex screws in the panel. Remove the screws and the panel and there is the oil filter.

Directly under the alternator which is on the left side (looking in from the front) of the engine. The oil filter faces forward and easily spins off.

The Transmission oil filter is on top of the transmission. You can see it when looking into the engine compartment. It is to the left of the Air cleaner air box. It will look just like a oil filter.

its an internal filter on top of the engine under the hood. its in a cylinder canister with a hard plastic top.

if lying underneath car engine oil filter is on passenger side in front of engine and oil drain plug is toward rear of car about 1 foot behind oil filter.

Quick internet search revealed the answer. The oil filter is located at the bottom of the engine. Look underneith the front bumper. You will see a hole in the scratch plate undernieth. It is located right in the hole on the bottom of the engine.

2002 Hyundai Elantra gls has no transmission oil pan, to have your transmission oil changed you have to go to the Hyundai dealer. if you mean the engine oil pan, facing the front of the car, it's off of left center underneath the front of the car, you can tell by feeling in back for the oil plug. the oil filter is also left front underneath on the passenger side of the car. there is a little cover with 2 screws, remove the cover to remove the oil filter. after replacing the oil filter replace the cover.

According to the Hyundai Capacities chart, a 2005 Hyundai Accent holds 3.5 quarts of oil including the volume of the oil filter.

In the engine bay, to the right of the engine, close to the top of the radiator.

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