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Where is the IAT sensor on a Mitsubishi FTO?


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I belong to the FTO owners club here in England. I found some information you may be looking for.


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The IAT sensor, on your 2003 Mitsubishi outlander, is located behind the dashboard. The sensor is on the drivers side of the vehicle.

The 2000 Mitsubishi IAT sensor can be found on the right side of the engine. The sensor will be just below the head deck.

The Mitsubishi FTO was a vehicle made from October of 1994 til July of 2001.

what two wires are the iat from the maf sensor on a Mitsubishi eclipse gs

it is located, or rather mounted on your air intake system. Whether the intake is an aftermarket part of oem the IAT sensor/connectors are usually on the manifold of the intake.

Answerthe iat sensor is located in the mas air flow sensor housing its the transistor thing hanging down. looking at the plug its terminal 5 and 6Find from which side the terminals are!!

Mitsubishi FTO would be a great car for beginners because on the second hand market the prices are pretty low. The car has more of a sporty look and the FTO is not known for any major problems.

the mitsibushi fto engine holds 6.5 litres of coolent.

iat sensor on a 97 blazer and what does it do

The 2003 Forrester IAT sensor can be found on the top of the transmission. The IAT sensor will be near the back of the transmission.

This question refers to the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor which is a standard component in most modern computer controlled vehicles. The IAT on this vehicle is located in the intake air hose assembly, which will be upstream of the throttle body. The OE replacement IAT sensor for those Raiders equipped with the 4.7L V8 is Standard Motor Products #AX69.

where is the IAT Sensor on tne 2002 maxima

iat sensor? Please describe this device, never heard of iat sensor. Post again

Usually 1 of 2 wires in MAF on air intake hose

The IAT sensor is an integral part of the MAF sensor

Most of the IAT sensors are part of the MAF sensor it is a dual sensor

The 2000 Mazda IAT sensor can be found on the back of the engine. The IAT sensor will be just above the bell housing.

The 1990 Geo Tracker IAT sensor is located on the top of the transmission. The IAT sensor will be near the back of the transmission.

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