Where is the Lleucu River in Cardiff?

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In Cardiff
I think it is the river/stream that forms Roath Park lake, the stream then continues through Roath park but I then lose it on Google Earth, it must come out on the shoreline somewhere so this stream/river must be covered over after Roath park. I'm not sure that the stream above is the Lleucu but you can follow the stream from the lake on OS maps. Below Roath Park it bends the east and eventually flows into the River Rhymney just north of Newport Road.
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How do you get Cardiff marathon results for 1982?

you could try the archives of the south wales echo (newspaper) which printed the results and can be found in the Cardiff Central Library. You could contact Les Croupiers Running Club in Cardiff who have a lot of old results.

What is the distance from Cardiff to Bristol?

According the AA Route Planner (GB Edition) the distance is 44.3 miles , this will take about 0 hours and 52 minutes to drive, assuming you take the direct route and there are no stops, accidents, breakdowns or other hold ups en route

Cardiff to Gatwick?

Take the train from Cardiff Central to London Paddington, take the Circle Line to Victoria station, and catch the Gatwick Express to Gatwick Airport.

Why was Cardiff castle built in Cardiff?

1st Answer It was made in 1091 medieval times. 2nd Answer Cardiff Castle was built by Robert Fitzhamon, lord of Gloucester, in 1091. He was a follower of William the Conqueror, and he had conquered Glamorgan. His purpose was to be able to defend Glamorgan from the Welsh who lived there.

What is there to see in Cardiff?

The main tourist sites in Cardiff are probably the Millennium Stadium, the Bay Area (with Techniquest and the Senedd), the Castle, and the National Museum (Europe's best Monet collection outside France). It isn't a holiday destination.

When was Cardiff founded?

\n. \n1883. Cardiff, a city situated on a reclaimed marshland and a bed of Triassic stones, has its roots dating back to AD 55 when the Romans established a fort on what is now the site of Cardiff Castle.

Was Cardiff bombed?

Cardiff was the UK's biggest coal-exportin port, so it was a big target during the second world war. The first attack was in 1940..

What can you do in Cardiff?

Cardiff has a huge night life for those that enjoy a good food and a drink. There are several very good night clubs, museums, 2 Major theatres, a very good shopping complex, historic buildings to visit including Cardiff Castle and on the outskirts Saint Fagans. There are excellent sports facilities ( Full Answer )

What is Cardiff famous for?

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and home of the Welsh assembly building. Cardiff is also the location of the Millenium stadium and the location for filming of the BBC TV series Torchwood and Doctor Who.

Is Cardiff in Britain?

Yes, it is in Wales which is across the border from England to the west.

What are the universities in Cardiff?

Cardiff University, University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) and a part of the University of Glamorgan. However, UniGlam's main campus is in Pontypridd, some miles north of the city. --- . Cardiff University . Glamorgan University . University of Wales Aberystwyth . University of Wales Bang ( Full Answer )

Can you get to Cardiff from London by Tube?

No, as the Tube (the London Underground) does not run outside the City of London. You could however use the Tube to travel to Paddington Station and catch a train to Cardiff. The journey would take approximately 2 hours if travelling during the day and may be of longer duration in the evening.

Where is hbos Cardiff?

in the town by the place where u by tickets for your car in the car park.

How do you get to Cardiff from Bath?

Get on the M4. Turn right and head across the Seven bridge, past Newport. Cardiff is about 50 minutes. You can also catch the train at Bristol that goes to Newport, Cardiff and all points south west.

How big is Cardiff bay?

Cardiff Bay was created in 1987 by the Cardiff Barrage in South Cardiff. It is supplied the Taff and Ely rivers. It is 2,700 acres.

Who built techniquest in Cardiff?

Its a registered Charity part funded by the Welsh Assembly As an independent registered educational charity, Techniquest is funded from a variety of sources. The Welsh Assembly Government provides approximately 1/3rd of their funding, particularly to support schools programmes

Is there a city Cardiff in England?

No. If your talking about England as a part of the UK then yes. The UK is separated into 4 smaller countries - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These four then have their own capital cities. England has London, Scotland's is Edinburgh, Northern Ireland's is Belfast and Cardiff is the c ( Full Answer )

Cardiff to blackpool by coach?

National Express -> About 7 hours depending on departure times, with one change at Birmingham

Is Cardiff in carmathenshire?

No, Carmarthenshire is a rural county in southwest Wales, which is home to settlements such as Carmarthen andLlanelli. Cardiff is a city in south east Wales. It is notin Carmarthenshire and does not share any boundaries. As a city with its own unitary local authority, Cardiff is nolonger conta ( Full Answer )

What is the distance between Chertsey and Cardiff?

140 miles taking this route: . Take M25 (NORTH) towards HEATHROW and STAINES from Chertsey to M4 to THE WEST to READING and SLOUGH at JCT 15. . Take M4 WEST to Cardiff.

Where is Cardiff situated?

It is situated near the Glamorgan Coast, stretching westward from Penarth and Barry.Cardiff, located on the banks of the River Taff, is the capital and largest city of Wales. It's a busy commercial, maritime and university city.

How many miles is it from Cardiff to torquay?

127 miles taking this route: . Take M4 to the EAST from Cardiff to M49 to THE SOUTH WEST to AVONMOUTH at JUNCTION 22, which is the very first exit past the Severn River in ENGLAND. . Take M49 to M5 to THE SOUTH WEST to WESTON-SUPER-MARE. . Take M5 to the SOUTH WEST to A380 to TORQUAY. Follow ( Full Answer )

What is Cardiff castle made from?

Cardiff castle is made from very strong stone it was made in the 11th century which means it has been standing for a very very long time.

Where can you fly to in 2 hours from Cardiff?

It depends what plane you're travelling in ! If you're in a 737 then probably western Europe. If you mean in a light aircraft (twin seater etc) a distance of about 200 miles is your limit.

How far is sheffield to Cardiff?

204 miles taking this route: . Take M1 to the SOUTH from Sheffield to A42 (M42) to the SOUTH WEST to TAMWORTH and BIRMINGHAM at JUNCTION 23A. . Take A42 & M42 to M5 (S) to the SOUTH WEST to WORCESTER outside of Birmingham. . Take M5 to the SOUTH WEST to M4 to LONDON and SOUTH WALES at JUNCTION 1 ( Full Answer )

What does Cardiff have?

Cardiff has a lot, rather depending where the question is aimed, there is a lot of culture and history to do with the city which can be seen in the Castle and the museum. Cardiff has however been through a lot of development in recent years and now boasts the millennium stadium which regularly holds ( Full Answer )

Is swansea bigger than Cardiff?

As far as football is concerned, then yes, Swansea is massively bigger than Cardiff. Swansea City FC are regarded worldwide as Wales' PREMIER football club, as they are competing in the English Premier League. Cardiff City FC meanwhile have never had the honour of being promoted to play in the be ( Full Answer )

Was the Cardiff giant a fake?

Yes, the Cardiff giant was a definite fake. It wasn't the first, but it's the most well known. In 1869, a man named George Hull of Cardiff New York 'discovered' the giant when he was having a well dug on his neighbor's (William Newell) property. He set up a tent to house the 10 foot tall stone giant ( Full Answer )

Where can you find the Doctor Who studios in Cardiff?

It is on the waterfront at Cardiff Bay, in the Porth Teigr area and right next door to 'The Doctor Who Experience' museum and theme centre. However, it's not used EXCLUSIVELY for filming Dr.Who, being a general-purpose studio for BBC Wales. Other series's, such as the period drama Upstairs Downstair ( Full Answer )

Is there a telescope in Cardiff?

There is a 3 metre radio telescope on the roof of Cardiff University. There is also an optical telescope at the site for the use of undergraduates.

How far from Cardiff to tenby?

88 miles taking this route: . Take M4 (W) from Cardiff to A48 to CARMARTHEN at the END of the Motorway. . Take A48 to A40 to ST. CLEARS. . Take A40 to A478 to TENBY via A477. . Take A478 to Tenby.

Are there Cardiff hotels in Canada?

Yes! There are several Cardiff Hotels in Canada. These hotels are very popular and they produce significant revenue each year. I highly recommend that you consider them.

Why did Cardiff bay need regeneration?

With the decide in shipping import/export the dock and bay area were servery effected. With a 98% unemployment rate because of the decline hosing and dock associated employment ceased to be.

Where was Cardiff Illinois?

Cardiff Illinois is in Livingston county, Illinois. It is a ghosttown now because the coal mines closed.