Where is the O2 sensor on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix?

With the hood open, stand on the drivers side of the engine, and look against the back wall. You will see 2 steel pipes coming out of it (heater/ac pipes) between the braking system and the engine. Just below those 2 lines, will be the O2 sensor, pointing up slightly, almost at the same angle as the steering wheel. To remove the O2 sensor, you must remove the air box, and the 2 engine brackets at the front of the engine. the brackets are above the fans. Either have a way to pull the engine forward, or get a really long steel bar, and a REALLY strong friend... and have them pull the bar.. rotating the engine forward while you lay across the engine, feet pointing to the passenger fender, and reach back, removing the sensor and putting the new one in. I did it with a friend in less than 20 minutes, but it was tough.. he was installing, I was holding the engine forward. * The engine is easier to pull forward if you loosen the two aluminum engine brackets between it and the radiator at the top. Unbolt them at the engine side then use the secondary bolt holes on their underside to hold the engine forward using the same two bolts. That is what they are there for. * The engine moves forward just a bit further (giving a few necessary inches) if the car is in neutral. If you're working by yourself, you can use a ratcheting strap to hold the engine forward. Hook one end to the frame, bring it up and loop it through the motor mount area, so it goes around the bolt that holds the motor mount to the engine, and bring it back down to hook to the frame. You may want to place something in between the bumper cover and the strap so you don't crack it. Pull the engine forward as far as possible, and ratchet the strap to hold it there. Now you can work on your own! Just as a safetly note, make sure you chalk your tires, use a good quality strap, and if at all possible, have a friend there playing tool gopher, just in case!