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its on the oil cooler /filter block thats right under the alternator


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The price for a used Vauxhall Vectra is between 500 and 2,000 GBP.

The Vauxhall Vectra was sold under that name in the United Kingdom, where it was also sold as the Vauxhall Cavalier. In Australia it went by the name of Holden Vectra.

not to sure but on my vectra it normally controls the interior lights, but you have to pull the switch out to put the interior lights on

I can't remember, but the most common cause of failure is the switch on the tailgate, not the fuse.

The airbag ECU on a Vauxhall Vectra is located in the engine bay. It is on the side of the engine on the passenger side.

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There is a 'How To' on one of the Vauxhall owners websites. 'Vauxhall Vectra Owners Club 'Vectra Sport 'Vauxhall Owners club "Vauxhall Cavalier owners club but open to other vauxhall owners Same if you own Holden or Opel version Don Sutton

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A Vauxhall Vectra rear suspension diagram is available through their service manual. Online Vectra service manuals are also available to be purchased through several websites.

Right hand side of fuel rail as stood infront of the car

There are many Vauxhall dealers in the UK, any of which should be able to get a Vectra GSI. The locations of specific dealers can be found on the Vauxhall website, or in a local telephone directory.

The cost of a used Vauxhall Vectra depends on the place of purchase. Prices will range from 8,000 to 27,000 Euros depending on the condition of the vehicle.

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