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Where is the PCV valve located on 1989 jeep Cherokee?


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4.0? Those actually dont have PCV valves, it is the rubber grommet on top of the valve cover


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on a 4.0 it should be under the exhaust manifold

It is located in the fuel tank.

The pcv valve is located on the rear of the oil filler housing.

4.0L does not have a PCV valve, it uses an orifice in the rear of the valve cover."

The neutral safety switch on a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee is inside the transmission on the valve body.

the random hose sticking out of the center of the valve cap

The vapor canister filter in the 1989 Jeep Cherokee is located at the top of the motor on the left side facing the vehicle. It is generally dark green in coloring.

where do I find the color code for a 1989 jeep Cherokee and what does it look like

starter is located on passenger side on block near transmission,

The shift solenoid is inside the transmission on the valve body.

It is on the valve body inside the transmission.

A 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have EGR.

The radiator fan switch on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee is located on the driver's side fender wall inside the engine compartment. It is a box about 1inch by 1inch just below the battery location.

No, it is not required. You can remove it and splice the heater hoses together.

Its part of the liquid line on a Grand Cherokee and on a regular Cherokee you have an expansion valve located on the passengers side firewall..................

There isn't a heater valve. The temperature is controlled by airflow doors inside the dash.

Looking at the front of the motor, the egr valve is located on the right lower side of the carburetor.

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It is inside the transmission, on the passenger side of the valve body.

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