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Where is the PCV valve on a 1996 Ford Contour GL 4-cylinder?


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2006-05-27 14:13:06
2006-05-27 14:13:06 * This answer only gives a typical PCV run. The PCV valve in the 96 Contour is between the catalytic converter & the front of the engine. It is plugged into a grommet in the oil separator & then a rubber tube to a pipe that goes to the rear of the engine & into the intake manifold. This can only be reached with the front end jacked up the rock guard removed & the engine must be cold as the converter would be very hot. Personally I would go to your local oil change facility & have them do it. They may have some special tools that make it easier. It is the most difficult location for a PCV valve I have ever seen & I would like to see the engineer who OK'd the design burn in hell. how do I know this. I just spent a whole day just getting one out & the new one in.


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