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Where is the PCV valve on a 1998 Nissan Altima?


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it is located on the engine (passenger side) right next to the idle control valve it is a pain in the but to get there and even worse to take it out, and it is connected to a little hose that comes from the engine, but to get acces to it you need to take de idle valve out first, otherwise you will not be able to the pcv plus that you might want to take the oil filter as well that way you'll have more room to work,i spent a lot of time trying to fins it on my car and i didn't find any answer it took me a while to get it out good luck...

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I had the same question. Seems it does not have a PCV valve.

== Answer The PCV valve on a 1993 Nissan Altima is located under the intake manifold just above the oil filter. You have easier access if the oil filter is removed. Not so easy...

AnswerIt doesn't have a PCV valve.Actually it does. The PCV valve for a 1993 Nissan Altima is located behind the engine below the intake. Buy a Haynes manual, the PCV is VERY tough to get too but it can be done. You can only get two bolts from the top but have to go from underneath the car to detach the hose.

I was looking for an answer to this question myself, and found it answered at:

It's a pain in the rear, because the pcv valve is located on the rear of the engine next to the oil filler. you have to remove the top portion of your engine to get to it. The manuf. way of having you bring the veh. back for service.....

the pcv valve on most cars is usually located on the valve cover, and usually has a plastic or rubber hose that leads to your air intake hose. hope that helps

AnswerThere isn't one. On the top of the head in the rear, there is a tube that runs to the breather. That is the straight ventilation. No PCV needed.

the pcv valve on altima 98 it is located on the passenger side, right next to the idle valve u have to take the oil filter out, the idle valve, but still difficult to acces it takes at least 3 hours that's how long i spent doing it

where is the pcv valve located on a 2003 Nissan sentra

You can find the PCV valve for your 1987 Nissan on top of the engine. The PCV valve will be near the air filter housing.

on a 1998 Pontiac gan am ,they do not have a pcv valve.

where is the pcv valve located 1994 nissan pick up 4wd 2.4l

It's located in the rear valve cover, just behind the throttle body.

Where is pcv valve on 1998 daewoo leganza

The 1998 Cavalier does have a PCV valve. The valve is in the side of the valve cover, held in by a metal ring.

The PCV valve is located in the rear valve cover,just behind the throttle body

The PCV valve, on your Nissan 3.3 liter, is located on the side of the air filter housing. The valve should be labeled for easy identification.

I am looking for diagram of the engine to replace a pcv valve. 2002 Nissan Sentra 1.8

where is PVC valve located on 2002 Nissan sentra

# The PCV valve is located in the valve cover # Detach the hose from the valve then unscrew the valve from the valve cover

The PCV valve on a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder is located on top of the engine, in the valve cover. It connects to the throttle body using a small length of rubber hose.

The PCV valve for a 1998 Monte Carlo should plug into the valve cover. Twist and pull it to remove and replace it.

Contacted the dealer and the 02 does not have an egr valve The original question was "where is the PCV valve located? An EGR stands for "exhaust gas recirculation" which is different from a PCV valve "positive crank case ventilation". Each serves a unique and different function within the engine. Therefore the original question remains unanswered! daaaaa... The PCV valve is located on the back side of the valve cover. You will see the hose that the valve is connected to, running out from the back of the valve cover. The actual PCV valve is screwed into the valve cover, and the hose will have to be disconnected to access the valve.

On a 1978 Nissan 280Z, the PCV valve is located on the under side of the intake manifold. A PCV valve releases pressure from inside the crank case.

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