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There is no Pokemon temple! There is such thing as Pokemon diamond.


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You can get it at the snowpoint city temple at the bottom of the temple.

regigigas but you have to have the three regis

you have to have diamond, or pearl, or platinum-emerald is hoen sea temple Pokemon are sinnoh

snow point temple. two rare Pokemon

when you defeat the Pokemon league and get your national pokedex.

You Can't... that's in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum

in the ice temple in snowpoint sity

You can find Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple in Pokemon Diamond, you will need to bring Regice, Registeel and Regirock for Regigigas to waken.

There is no Sea Temple that I am awear of. Hehehe... You got the idea of it from the Pokemon movie or book!

You beat the league. If you mean the snowpoint temple all you have to do is beat the Pokemon league but if you want regigigas you need regirock, regice and registeel

in orebeuth mine,victory road or snowpoint temple.

You need to have all 3 regis and go to the snowpoint temple.

First beat the game then get the national dex and then you can go in!

You'll be able to go inside Snowpoint Temple. Regigigas will be in there.

No you can't but you can get them in Platinum Emerald Ruby & Sapphire I think so or maybe Firered & Leafgreen too you can only get Reggigigas in Pokemon diamond in the snowpoint temple.

First get the national dex then beat th elite4

You can't catch Regice, Regirock, or Registeel in Pokemon Diamond. You have to migrate them from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. However, you can catch Regigigas at Snowpoint Temple. Be careful! It appears at Lv. 1!

the only regi you can get in diamond is regigias and he is at the bottom of the snowpoint temple(ps you need regice registeel and regirock in your party)

You can catch on at the Snowpoint Temple. However, you must have the 3 Regis in your party.

Regigigas. He is number 486 on the National Pokedex, but has no Regional Pokedex number. He can be found in the Snowpoint Temple.

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