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Victoria's Secret falls under Limited Brands, which is headquarted in Columbus, Ohio.

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Q: Where is the Victorias secret regional office?
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The limited brands owns Victoria's Secret?

yes limited brands is the parent company of many brands including but not limited to victorias secret, pink by victorias secret, vsx (the victorias secret sport line), and victorias secret beauty

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Who is Raymond?

The founder of Victorias Secret. [:

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There are many victorias in the worl but only 1 is important. The Victoria who created and shared her secret. VICTORIAS SECRET

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Who is Roy Raymond?

The founder of Victorias Secret. [:

What store can you buy Victoria's Secret gift cards?

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Who is the creator of Victoria's Secret?

Roy Raymond created Victorias Secret in 1977.

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What is the contribution of Victoria's Secret in the society?

Victorias secret is for a bunch of ungrateful bratty girls

Is there a Victorias secret in Paris?

No, not in Paris. As far as I'm aware, there is no Victoria Secret in France.

Is there a Victorias secret everywhere?

Victoria's Secret stores are located all over the country.

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It depends on which Adriana you are talking about, the most commonly known female model by the name of Adriana is Adriana Lima, she is a model for Victorias Secret, she is one of the most beautiful Angels in the Victorias Secret franchise.

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victorias secret or ross has some fake cheap ones!!:P

Where to buy Victoria's Secret pink in a splash in the Philippines?

where to buy a travelling victorias secret duffle travel bag

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probably victorias secret bras.

Does anyone have a Victoria's Secret Secret Rewards Card they wouldn't use?

Why wouldnt noo one use it ? Come on now its victorias secret !!'

What was the Wheel of Fortune answer for v ct r as secret a s a e on March 4 2009?

Victorias secret handshake

When is the Victoria's Secret Semiannual Sale Event 2011?

I believe Victorias Secret's winter sale is the beginning of January 2011.