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No it should not. They have a ride height switch, which cycles the compressor. You probably have an air leak in the system.

A person can reset the air ride suspension on a Cadillac Deville by disconnecting the compressor wiring harness from the compressor itself. This is accomplished by putting the vehicle on ramps.

mine is a 98 and the switch is located under dash on passenger side on the side kick plate.

I think they have air ride shocks in the rear not the whole suspension.

There is a ball joint on the lower control arms of the suspension that allows a rod to connect to a ride height sensor and this is how it figures out what the suspension is doing and it uses a hydraulic system to change the suspension.

Air ride compressor, air suspension compressor, and air pump are the names used for the same device. They are used to pump up the air suspension.

The Level Ride Compressor on your '96 DeVille is located underneath the car near the right rear wheel. Just follow the plastic tube from the air-shock to pinpoint it.

I believe the on / off switch for the air suspension system is in the cargo area , on the drivers side , behind the removable plastic panel where the wheel jack is located

The CD changer is located in the trunk on the drivers side next to the switch to turn off the air ride suspension.

To replace the air ride compressor on a 1999 Cadillac DeVille Concours remove the air shocks located under each wheel and replace it.

There should be a suspension switch somewhere on the center console, just select the normal ride height. Unless the suspension is faulty, the ride height will automatically reduce to 'normal' once any speed over about 15mph is reached.

reset switch is under dash passenger side beside the kick panel

The air compressor is located above the rear axle on the passenger side

On a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer : The air suspension switch which is turned OFF any time a wheel is off the ground ( is located in the cargo area , on the drivers side , near the liftgate , behind the removable plastic panel where the wheel jack is stored )

It is located next to the shifter wher the ECT PWR control is. Please be mindful that Air Ride suspension (height control as you call it) was an option not standard so not all models have it and also it will only switch to LO when you exceed 85 mph. LO is not an option just NORM and HIGH. MC

it is considering u ridding on the bags and taking chances of putting a hole in them

A 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis COULD BE equipped with the rear air suspension ( if it is then there will be a rocker style shut off switch in the trunk , any time any of the wheels is off the ground you need to shut off the air suspension system ) * I believe the switch and label is on the passenger side of the trunk on the 1996

It tricks the loader into thinking it's in Suspension mode (its most stable height 4.5") allowing you to raise the Deck without being in suspension height or travel height 9.5. This is used mainly for reconfiguration of the loader for transport, or it's a time saver. I don't have to stop, lower suspension, and then raise the deck. I just hold the switch and raise the deck.

Usually under the hood on the inner fender of the left side

In your tire jack storage area , there is an on/off switch for the air ride system , check to see if the switch has been turned off ( the switch is turned off before jacking any wheels up or an air suspension equipped Explorer is put on a lift where the wheels hang )

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