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While standing in front your truck with the hood open, the tension pully you're looking for is the pulley at the far left of the engine. It's about 2-1/2" in diameter and is spring loaded. At least that's where it's located on a 96, V6, Dakota 4x4 Sport. Hope this helps. Good Luck!! more info to supplement the above, as you may not be able to discern a spring loaded pulley. On the top left side of the engine is the alternator and alternator pulley, top slight right of center of the engine is the air conditoner compressor/clutch pulley (very eloborate looking it has a clutch assembley in its center) between and below those two pulleys are two more pulleys (one is the belt tensioner (idler) pulley) the other is the water pump pulley. The water pump pulley is the larger of the two...and it is smooth bore with no ridges or belt grooves on it at all. Now by process of elimination that leaves the idler (belt tensioner) pulley. But so as to be complete...I will describe is ridged and grooved just like the alternator and air conditioner clutch pulleys are. It is larger than the alternator pulley but smaller than the air conditioner pulley. Now if you look what the idler pulley is attached to behind the pulley ...its on a short two to three inch arm that reaches down to a circular shaped device that mounts onto a bracket attached to the engine block...that my friend is the spring loaded belt might even have to change that one day...and boy is that fun..but I'll save that for another post!

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Q: Where is the auto tension pulley on a Dodge Dakota?
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There is usually a removal kit available for rent at most auto parts stores.

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That all depends on if the pulley was factory press-fit or bolted on to the compressor shaft. if its pressed on you may be able to use a pulley extractor kit (from an auto parts store in the tools section - around $20). Some press fitted pulleys simply can't be removed, however, and you'll have to replace the entire unit. If the pulley is a bolt on type, the bolt is usually a flush mounted Allen bolt near the base of the pulley shaft - simply unscrew the bolt and remove the pulley. You may still need the extractor if the pulley is hard to remove, though.

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