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press shift and the top left key under the escape key, the tilde key.

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Where is the backslash located on a spanish keyboard?

Windows users: type "alt gr" key plus the "?" key.

How do you backslash on a Mac?

Use the Backslash key, just above the "return" key on the right side of the keyboard. The key will have two characters: | ("pipe") and \ ("backslash").

How do you get a Backslash on Slovenia keyboard?


How do you get a Backslash on Japanese keyboard for Mac?

Hold down the 'option' key and then press the yen key.

Where is the forwardslash located on a French keyboard?

The forward slash ( / ) is located just above the AltGr key on a standard French AZERTY keyboard, when the keyboard is on uppercase (or when Shift is pressed down). This is the key just left of the one where you find the forward slash on a standard QWERTY keyboard.

How do you get a backslash on a Korean keyboard?

The backslash is right above the enter key..The problem is if you're using a Korean font, it will be the Korean WON symbol...but essentially it is the same key. just change your font and you will see the dfiference.

What is a backslash error in micrometer screw?

Backslash is a character on a keyboard. Backlash is the inherent slackness in the mechanical parts of a micrometer which allow an extremely small movement of the operating barrel without any corresponding movement of the measuring 'anvil' of the micrometer.

How do you spell keyboard in French?

A keyboard is 'un clavier' (masc.) in French.

Backslash s backslash in legal document?

Electronic Signature

How do you get a Java program to display a backslash in output without it interpreting it as a program command?

Follow the backslash with another backslash: System.out.println("\\ " \"); will display \ " \ on the screen.

What is a backslash?

A backslash is a punctuation mark, \ , used in some computer languages as an escape character.

How are the letters arranged on a French keyboard?

The French type of keyboard is called "azerty" (vs the English "qwerty"). Link goes to image of the layout of the azerty keyboard.

How do you do a backslash?

Hit the key with the question mark without using the shift key. That will give you a backslash.

How do you make a backslash on Dell laptop?

I think the backslash is right underneath the question mark on any computer.

How do you delete a user profile in Windows 98?

You can delete a user profile in Windows 98 by typing in a specific registry key into the Registry Editor. Type HKEY underscore LOCAL underscore MACHINE backslash SOFTWARE backslash Microsoft backslash Windows backslash CurrentVersion backslash ProfileList. Quit the Registry Editor and go to My Computer and delete the specific user name folder.

Where is the on screen keyboard located in Windows 7?

The on screen keyboard in Windows 7 is located: Start> All Programmes> Accessories> Ease of access> On Screen Keyboard. This displays the standard keyboard, on screen.

How do you make a backslash?

To do a backslash on MicroSoft word 2007 you press the key that's right under the backspace key.

Where is the tab key located on my computer keyboard?

Where is the tab key located on my computer keyboard?

How can you type french on the computer?

go to France and buy a french keyboard

What does a file path start with in Windows?

The drive letter followed by colon backslash dir backslash C:\windows\dir

How do you use french letters on Microsoft Word?

there is no need to have a French keyboard to type in French accents or letters. Shortcuts and codes are available for use on a querty keyboard. (link above)

How do you say keybord in french?

Keyboard = Clavier

What does the french word clavier mean?

The keyboard.

What does le clavier mean in french?

the keyboard

How do you toggle between French keyboard and English keyboard?

By default its left Alt and Shift key.

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