Where is the battery on a 2001 Aurora?

The battery on the 2001 Olds Aurora, is under the back seat. You have to pop the seat off, and you will find the battery under there. It is good to get an inspection of the area done, as there is an advisory out that there can be corrosion taking place where the battery is anchored due to spilled acid and sweating of the battery. If you see that there could be a problem. Your dealership is the best place to go, as GM has a set fix for this problem. Kumar There are two compression-type connectors that hold the front of the seat down. From outside the car, grasp the front of the seat, fingers underneath, about where you would reach between your legs if you were sitting in the seat. Pull up sharply to pop the compression spring out of its socket. Don't be shy, you've got to pull hard. Taoisthare