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Where is the battery on a 2001 gsxr 600?


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2008-02-24 17:57:15
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The battery is located under your seat

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Nope! The GSXR 600/750 fairing kits will only fit 06/07s. The 03 model will take 2001-2003 fairings though. Hope this helps. Nope! The GSXR 600/750 fairing kits will only fit 06/07s. The 03 model will take 2001-2003 fairings though. Hope this helps.

i am not sure of the 2003 gsxr 600. but i have an 07' gsxr and i had mine to 171 on the highway in 6th gear.

Under the main seat beside the battery.

Yes, but the GSXR 750 and 1000 are supposed to have a higher output battery. Though some say it works just fine... I guess I will find out how it works on a 750.

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It is under the seat. You need to take an Allen wrench take the seat off and you will see it.

gsxr 750 06 battery wont stay charge

On the right air intake almost directly under your right hand grip

No. The side fairings on 2001 and 2002 gsxr 1000s are unique to those 2 years.

the top speed of a 2001 suzuki gsxr 1000 is 186 mph

For stunting a gsxr. For twisties an r6. If your not interested in any of that all that aside, A gsxr is better head to head. Better frame design strong motors and lots of parts and garages

As of July 2013, there is still a large market for the GSXR 600 SRAD motorcycle. It is capable of high speeds which offering great fuel economy to the driver.

A standard Suzuki GSXR 600cc has been recorded at just over 170mph.

Afraid not I have a 2000 GSXR 750 and it sits very proud. The small tongue like fixing point on the back end of the seat is too short. The retaining bolts on the front are too short they don't reach down enough

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The oil drain plug for a GSXR 600 is on the bottom of the motor, usually near the rear of the bike. You will need to remove the fairing to get to it, and it will be the largest "bolt" on the bottom of the bike.

When you change the oil on a 2003 GSXR 600, you need 3.0 quarts of oil if you do not change the oil filter. If you change the filter, you need 3.3 quarts of oil.

try to google airtech streamlining

my 08 750 pushes 130 hp... the 600 pushes around 100

Most late GSXR750 have the battery under the front seat.

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