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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl starts in the Sinnoh region and doesn't allow the player to move to other regions. It is considered the fourth generation of Pokemon.

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After Pokemon Diamond and Pearl there will be Pokemon Battle Dimension.

It is the same way as Pokemon diamond and pearl

If your talking about the TV show,it was Pokemon diamond and pearl

lvel them up to 20 at the beginning that's what i do

Sarah Natochenny is the actress who voices Ash Ketchum in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension.

you cant see a chimchar in Pokemon diamond so you are saying that no trainer in the game has a chimchar

Chimchar is a starter pokemon so you can choose him with Barry at the beginning.

all diamond and pearl episodes have been completed it is now battle dimension which is usuallyu on itv4 at 7:45am

The tree of beginning is only in a Pokemon movie and is not a real place in any of the Pokemon video games.

go 2 and go 2 episode 541 season 11 diamond and pearl battle dimensionSeason 11 - Diamond And Pearl Battle DimensionSee link

Lake variety, one of the choices at the beginning of the game

Your rival is your childhood friend that you get to name at the beginning of the game.

it is not an is a season like battle dimension or sinnoh league victors

You can get him at the beginning of the game by choosing it as your starter Pokemon. You can also trade it from someone who has the game also if they have it.

there are three shows and a lot of movies Pokemon dp Pokemon dp battle dimension and Pokemon dp galactic battles

Uh, start a new game and save at the beginning.

Well in America it happened last weekend and it's now called Pokemon:Battle Dimension

Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension episode Tanks for the Memories episode 525

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

James gave Cacnea to Gardenia to train because he thought that his not good enough to train Cacnea Drain Punch in Pokemon dp battle dimension

You can' get Infernape, it's an exclusive starter you can choose at the beginning of the game.

Roserade. But it takes patience to train it from a Budew at the beginning of a game

You can't. either Turtwig, Piplup, or Chimchar. piplup is mine :D