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The bell is on top of the school in big nate island

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How do you get the school bell to ring in poptropica?

You get the bird egg then you get the piece of a bell

What do you need the bell clapper for in poptropica?

For the bell thingy on the school<3

Why do you have to get dentention in Poptropica?

so you can get the bell clapper.

Where do you go after you get the bell clapper to work in poptropica?

go to the bell on the top of the school and ring it

What do you do you when you got the bell in poptropica?

When you get the bell clapper, go up to the bell and open your travel bag to get your bell clapper and the girls go out of their places where the capsule is.

How do you get the school bell to ring on Poptropica?

To do this you must get the bird away, go to the secret room, take the bell thing, and put it on the bell.

Where do you use the bell claper in poptropica?

In the secret locker in the school

What do you use the robot crab for on Poptropica?

On Poptropica, Steamworks island you are using the robot crab to cool down the bell. Once you have cooled the bell down you can touch it without being burned.

How do you get to the bell in Poptropica?

you get the lobster and hook it on the handle then turn the light at the bird.

How do you get the robot to work on poptropica?

Ring the bell on the desk and it will follow you around!

How do you get the girls out of your way on Poptropica?

you have to find the bell clasper and ring it and they will leave

Where to find the clapper for the bell in poptropica?

in the secret room in the school (in the locker!)

Did you ring the bell on Poptropica?

on big nate? then yes. i don't know of any other bell but u have to get the clacker in the detention room.

Where is the bell witch ghost from ghost story island on Poptropica?

The Bell Witch is inside the Trading Post on Wild West island.

What do you do after you ring the bell in poptropica?

the girls will leave so you can dig up the capsule

What is a taco university in poptropica?

a rich and juciey taco with meat that you get from taco bell

What do you get when you r in the file cabnets in poptropica?

power up the switch then get the bell clapper

How do you find the bell in poptropica?

it's on Big Nate Island on top the school

How do you you get sprocket on Poptropica?

You press the bell next to him on the desk and he will wake up and follow you.

How do you make the bell work in Poptropica?

i cant belive you are so stupid your a baby

How do you get the girls awat in poptropica big nate?

You have to ring the bell in the school! Hope this helped!

What do you do on poptropica to get the bell working?

go to detention and go to the cabinet and go in and at the top the claper is their

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