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October is a great time of year to visit the Greek Isles, Italy, Rome etc. It's also the end of hurricane season, so you may wish to visit the Caribbean, Bahamas or Hawaii. Try to avoid Alaska, as it's cold and dark there. Happy Sailing! :)

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Q: Where is the best place to cruise in October?
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Where is the best place to take a cruise to in September?

The Bahamas

Where is the best place to search for Hawaii Cruise deals?

The best place to search for Hawaii Cruise deals would be the internet, although, this information can be provided by the local travel agents from their brochures.

Where can I find luxury cruise lines?

Royal Caribbean Cruise is generally considered to be the best cruise line. It has the best reviews and the most luxurious cruise liners. This would be a great place to spend your hard earned money.

Whats the best place to reserve a Caribbean cruise?

The best place to reserve a Caribbean cruise would be from the cruise line's website. Furthermore, if a person books from the same line over a certain number of times, they will be rewarded with discounts on cruises in the future.

When is the best months to do a Amazon river cruise?

Well i think october is the best month and the day 1-13.

Where is the best place to cruise to in June?

The eastern Caribbean is one of the best places to cruise in the month of June. Also, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and San Juan are popular places to cruise to in June.

Is September or October better to cruise the Caribbean?

December through April are considered to be the best months to cruise in the Caribbean. September and October are considered to be the months with the most storms. The travel cost is less expensive but not the best time based on weather conditions.

Where is best place to cruise between June and August besides Alaska?

Caribbean (:

What is the best cruise company?


What is the best time to have a Yangtze River cruise?

The best seasons for Yangtze Cruise should be the springand autumn, namely, April, May, September and October when the weather is cool and comfortable, neither cold nor hot.

Where is the best place to cruise in April?

The best thing to do in April is what I just did. I went on the Carnival Sensation to Nassau in the Bahamas.

Where is the best place to go on a cruise?

The Bahamas by madison brown i live in north carolina

What are the best cruises to take over Christmas vacation?

The best kind of cruise during winter is one to a warm place, preferably an island. Carnival and other cruise companies offer great cruise packages to the carrabea or Puerto Rico.

What is the Somernites Cruise in Somerset Kentucky?

The Somernites Cruise is a car show that takes place monthly in Somerset, Kentucky between the months of April and October. It is a free show that all can attend.

Where is the best place to locate Disney cruise line prices online?

Any travel place can give you a very good price on a Disney cruise. Disney has made many special offers available to any one who wishes to go on a cruise with them.

Is Tom Cruise not best actor?

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When is the best time for a cruise?

When can you leave on a cruise? When is your vacation? Where do you want to go? Answer these questions and then you have the answer! When YOU have the time......THAT is the best time to go on a cruise :)

What are considered to be the Best Family Cruise Lines according to Cruise Critic?

The best family cruise lines according to Cruise Critics are Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises.

What are the best discount cruises for vacations?

Discount Cruises. Cruise agents compete for best cruise prices on discounted cruise deals. Compare ... Cruise Compete - Discount Cruises - Travel Agents Compete To Offer The Best Cruise Prices ... deal on your cruise vacation. No shopping ...

Looking for the best deals for buying cruise tickets for a gift.?

I really dont know where the best place to get them is, you could try through your local agent or through the cruise lines official website. as for what cruise to take, you have many options, i hear carnival is good,as well as disney.

Who is the best Tom Cruise vs Leonardo DiCaprio?

tom cruise is the best of ever

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Where can I find the best Caribbean cruise deals online?

Typically you can find the best cruise deals on larger travel sites such as kayak, expedia, travelocity, orbitz, and hotwire. Kayak would be an excellent place to start your search.

Where can one find the best prices for a Disney World Cruise vacation package?

One can find the best prices for a Disney World Cruise vacation package from the Disney World Disney Go website. Another place to look into would be the Disney Cruise Disney Go website.

Where can information on new cruise ships be found?

Information on the newest cruise ships can be found in a few places. The best place is to check the company that has crafted the new ship for the information.