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Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

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im not 100 percent sure about the best but i know that the closer to the bone the more it hurts so like getting one on your ribs will hurt more than getting one in the middle of your stomache

2.. sorry but the first guy don't know your gut hurts like there's no tomorrow it's painful your ribs do hurt he was right for that but the best place for less pain would be your bicep your forearm is one of the best spots to get tattooed but it's more painful your elbow hurts like hell more than your gut your chest is one of the worst spots ever your back hurts but not that bad the crack of your arm hurts but not bad your armpit is nuts but all tats hurt your having millions of holes put into your skin but i know all these places cause I've had them done but you could prolly take all the place i named i know i sat through 5 hours at least for each of em well actually 5 hours was my smallest tattoo 12 hours was the biggest ANYWAY DONT WORRY ABOUT THE PAIN JUST GO GET TATTOOED WHERE EVER YOU WANT lol

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Best place to get a tattoo?

I think the best place to get a tattoo is some where that you can hide it and show it when you want to.

Where is the best place in Ireland to get a tattoo?

A tattoo shop

Where is the best place to get a tattoo for men?

At a licensed tattoo studio.

Where is the best place to have a mermaid tattoo?

The best place to have a mermaid tattoo is a matter of preference. Most people have it on the lower back, forearm or the upper arm near the shoulder.

Where is the cheapest place to get a tattoo?

If you want to get a tattoo (permanent skin art), do you really want the cheapest place? The cheapest place might not sterilize their equipment or use fresh disposable supplies for each client. The cheapest place might not hire experienced artists. The best tattoo place for you is the place that did a tattoo that you saw which you really, really liked.

Im looking for a tattoo parlor in acapulco Mexico?

Hi, The Best Place and The best Tattoos in Acapulco is Big Dogs Tattoo in Condesa Beach.

What is the best place for a girl to get a sexy tattoo?

In her diary! To remind her never to get one...

What do you call a place where you can get a tattoo?

Tattoo shop, tattoo parlor

Where is the best place in America to own a tattoo parlor?

right outside a military base

Should you get your ears pierced at a tattoo parlour?

If they do piercings, that's probably the best place.

What is the Best tattoo shop in Edinburgh?

the best tattoo shop in

If you dont have a high pain tollerence wheres the best place to get a tattoo?

On someone else's body

Worst place to get a tattoo?

Your taint. I pray you do not tattoo your taint

Where is a good place in Arkansas to get a tattoo?

A licensed tattoo studio.

What is the best tattoo shop in catterick garrison?

The best Tattoo Studio in catterick garrison is Slinky Ink Tattoo Studio.

Where could one view images of the best tattoos around?

The best place to find tattoo images is to actually visit a nearby tattoo parlor. The parlor should have a book or "menu" of some images that you can pick.

Can a tattoo place be sued?

Yes. It maybe best to consult a lawyer or someone with experience of legal action.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo in New York?

New York has hundreds of thousands of tattoo parlors, so it depends on what your needs are. To review sites for your particular needs go to and type in search box "New York Tattoo Reviews" for some tattoo places

What is the best tattoo to get for your sons?

The best tattoo to get for. Your son if your a father would be a brilliant sun and his name

Can you get a tattoo anywhere on your body?

Ofcourse you can get a tattoo in any place of your body you want!i have tattooed my eyes ,eyeliner tattoo!

What would be the best place for me a guy to get a tattoo of the words Have Faith in Greek that i would see everyday as a reminder?

On your shoulder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the best place to get your first tattoo at age sixteen?

Most states don't allow you to get tattoos at age 16.

Where might be able to find advice on getting a tattoo?

The best place to get advice on getting a tattoo is from someone you know who has gotten one or a tattoo parlor. There are also several sites online that give great tips such as How Stuff Works and Tattoos.

What is the best tattoo machine?

The best tattoo machine is produced by Intenze Tattoo. This machine is hypoallergenic and is a good starting set as it is light and the voltage is adjustable.