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On the pinch welds, or frame.

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Q: Where is the best place to place jack stands 0n a 93 protege?
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Where is the best place to put jack stands when lifting the front of a 2005 Dodge Caravan?

Under the inner edge of the lower 'a' arm.

What does Jack the Lad Swing stand for?

Jack the lad swing is what stands for jls (the best group ever)

How do to Jack up a 1998 Corvette?

The owner's manual will show you the points to place the jack. I suggest a floor jack and jack stands if you will be climbing under the car.

Were do you place jack stands on a 91 Chevy s-10?

On the frame rails.

Where is the best place to put jack stands when lifting the rear of a 1992 Dodge Caravan?

in front of the rear wheels on the frame are two rubber pads for jacking purposes

Where is the best place to locate jack stands on a dodge ram 1500 truck?

Front - under the frame each side rear - both sides of the rear axle

Where to place jack stands on a Hyundai Santa Fe?

A Hyundai Santa Fe is reported by owners to need adapters when using jacks. The jack stands should be placed as directed by the factory on the jacking points.

Where is the best place to put jack stands when lifting the front of a 1993 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

there is a place for the jack on the sub frame. it looks like a thin lip of metal that runs all the way down the sub frame. look for where it gets thicker and put your jack stand under it, but get it as close to the front of the car as you can.

Where would you place jack stands under a 1995 Dodge Neon?

front or back and what are you doing? if it is just to store you can use the jack points on the frame.

Where do you Jack a range rover up?

The best place to jack is directly under the axles.

How to jack up a 2004 dodge ram 1500 quad cab?

place jack under vehicle just to the rear of the front tire's. Jack vehicle up using the frame of the vehicle. *Important* place jack stands under vehicle. I place them under the lower control arm's or on the frame (be sure to use stands that will support the weight of your vehicle). if unsure of the weight, there should be a vehicle identification tag on the driver's door jam that will tell you GVW (gross vehicle weight) on most vehicles. In the rear (if rear wheel drive) jack vehicle up by using the rear differential. When looking under the vehicle it will be the mass of iron centerly located between the rear tires. Again *Important* Use jack stands to support load of vehicle. place jack stands on the rear axle tube's and there u go!!

Where are the Jack points on Dodge Intrepid?

Raise the Intrepid. Lift up on the front jack point with the floor jack. Use the front jacking point behind the radiator. Place jack stands under the pinch welds on either side of the vehicle's body underneath the front doors. Then lower the Intrepid onto the stands.

Whats the best way to lift the front of a Vehicle to work on it?

The best way to lift the front of a Vehicle to work on it is to use a trolley jack. With a trolley jack , make sure you use the jack stands just in case the jack slips. You wouldn't want to be crushed.

Which is the best area on a vehicle to place a jack?

The jacking point

Where best place to jack up cadillac cts 2007?

New York

Where would you place jack stands under a Hyundai tiburon?

There are marks on the frame for this. Either behind the front wheels, or in front of the rear wheels.

Removing the rear coil springs on a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Jack the car up in the back. You will need a trolley jack for this job. Use jack stands under the body of the car, you can use 6x6 wood blocks also, use jack stands under the diff. Now, car body is on blocks, and diff in on jack stands, remove the lower bolt for the shocks, with the trolley jack remove the jack stands on the diff, and lower the diff. just enough so that you can pull the coil springs out.

Do Hydraulic jacks should always be used with jack stands?

There is a possibility (a danger) that a hydraulic Jack can suddenly slip, or develop a leak and collapse. Once the jack has raised the vehicle, it is put on to jack stands (axle stands) to prevent being trapped underneath the vehicle.

Purchase Car Jack Stands?

form_title=Purchase Car Jack Stands form_header=Use car jack stands to hold the car in position while you perform repairs or basic maintenance . Will you be using it occasionally or quite often?= () Yes () No What type of vehicle will you need the jack stand for?=_ Do you know how to safely use a car jack stand?= () Yes () No

How do you change the front shocks on a 1999 Chevy blazer?

Loosen front lug nuts, raise front of vehicle with a floor jack, place suitable jack stands under the lower control arms, lower vehicle down on to the jack stands, remove front wheels, unbolt front shocks then remove them. Reverse procedure to install new ones.

Where do you place jackstands on impalas while lifting the car?

The safest place to place jack stands are under the frame. You need to jack the car high enough to keep the tires off the ground especially if you plan on working on the breaks or axles. Keep them away from the car WHILE lifting but place under the FRAME once the car is elevated.

How do you drop a gas tank in a 1999 grand marquis?

This is NOT a job for the untrained. First make sure it's as empty as it can be. Then you will need to have the car on a lift. Once it's in the air you will be able to see the bolts that hold it up. Place Jack Stands under it and lower to the jack stands. You'll need help!

What does Jack the Lad Swing represent?

It stands for JLS.

What does the j stand for in jls?

JLS stands for jack the lad swing, so the J is jack :)

Where are the jack points on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier?

the pinch welds are the best place to life the car