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The one with the largest population, most accidents, crimes, and the least amount of lawyers.

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Q: Where is the best state to be a lawyer?
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Who is the best criminal lawyer in misdemeanors cases in the state of Pennsylvania?

A criminal lawyer is not needed for a misdemeanor case.

Can a felon live in a house with some else owns firearms and are secured in a gun safe?

best to ask a lawyer in your state check with a lawyer in your state

Where is the best place to hire an alimony lawyer?

The best place to hire an alimony lawyer would be at the state law offices. USually, the best and most reliable lawyers can be found working for the state and most offer private services.

What does one do to find a lawyer when arrested?

The best place you can find a lawyer when arrested is to call the State Bar council and get some names and numbers of local lawyers. You also can get a lawyer appointed to you when you are arrested by the state if you have no other option.

State of limitations for model release signed by a minor in the state of Mississippi?

Your best bet is to discuss this matter with a lawyer in your state that is familiar with model releases.

Can i hire an immigration lawyer from a different state?

Yes, you can hire an immigration lawyer from a different state.

Can a convicted domestic voilance in the 4th degree have his firearms rights reinstated?

best to deal with a lawyer in your state.........

Where can one find a lawyer that does Mesothelioma litigation?

There are many lawyers that can help with Mesothelioma litigation. One of the best places to look for a lawyer would be through the Bar Association in the state.

Where can you find a spinal cord injury lawyer?

The best place to find a spinal cord injury lawyer would be the yellow pages. If you're worried about reputation if the lawyer, you can try the bestter business bureau or state bar association.

How do you write a letter of appointment for a lawyer?

state name of lawyer and why you choose him

Is a Jewish lawyer the best lawyer?

Being a good lawyer does not depend on what religion you practice.

What does a lawyer do everyday?

What a lawyer does everyday is the best thing ever they have the best job and i am a lawyer fanatic becauser they have the best job EVER. IAN ANDERSON Shoreham NY 11786

What is the need of defence lawyer in criminal case?

If you need a defence lawyer in criminal cases, go to the Free Lawyer website once and get the best help from the free lawyer website. Hire their lawyer and get the best result in your favour.

Can a mother get custody if she is on depression medication?

Laws can vary from state to state and by case to case. A mother can get custody if she is on depression medication, but it is best to seek the advise of a lawyer.

What kind of lawyer is the best to be?

A criminal lawyer because you can do more than a divorce and family lawyer

If a person sues the state in court who acts as the lawyer for the defence?

The state appoints its own lawyer(s) just as if it was a person.

Where would one look for personal injury attornies licensed in a particular State or Province?

The best place to look for a personal injury lawyer for a specific state or province would be a lawyer directory database. One such database is on Lawyers dot com.

What is the head lawyer of the State government?

the state attorney general

Salary of a state lawyer?


Do I need a lawyer when considering a disability retirement?

Not necessarily. However, it is a good idea to consult a lawyer when dealing with such an issue. If your employer is going to give you trouble, or the state does not want to pay, it is best to resort to using a lawyer. Having a lawyer to consult to about a disability retirement is not a bad idea. State law may require that a person is disabled for a minimum of two years before being considered for benefits.

What kind of education is required to become a state lawyer?

It depends what kind of lawyer you are studying to be.

Where can you find a family lawyer?

Sometimes a family lawyer can be found online or located somewhere in your state. Most of the time in order to find one you will have to travel across the state to find a quality lawyer.

What is the best way to find a felony lawyer?

The best way to find a felony lawyer is at Legal Match. This is an online website that you can go to to find the best lawyer suitable for your problems. All you have to do it tell them what specific things you need your lawyer to do or be able to do and they can hook you right up.

Is sirimewan dias a good lawyer?

of course, he's the best lawyer in the world.

Can a out of state bankruptcy lawyer file in another state?

Under certain circumstances, a lawyer licensed in one state may be able to file in another state, usually following a local bankruptcy rule, paying a fee for such an appearance and maybe having a local bankruptcy lawyer with or recommending him.