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The one with the largest population, most accidents, crimes, and the least amount of lawyers.

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Q: Where is the best state to be a lawyer?
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Who is the best criminal lawyer in misdemeanors cases in the state of Pennsylvania?

A criminal lawyer is not needed for a misdemeanor case.

Can a felon live in a house with some else owns firearms and are secured in a gun safe?

best to ask a lawyer in your state check with a lawyer in your state

Where is the best place to hire an alimony lawyer?

The best place to hire an alimony lawyer would be at the state law offices. USually, the best and most reliable lawyers can be found working for the state and most offer private services.

What does one do to find a lawyer when arrested?

The best place you can find a lawyer when arrested is to call the State Bar council and get some names and numbers of local lawyers. You also can get a lawyer appointed to you when you are arrested by the state if you have no other option.

State of limitations for model release signed by a minor in the state of Mississippi?

Your best bet is to discuss this matter with a lawyer in your state that is familiar with model releases.

Can a convicted domestic voilance in the 4th degree have his firearms rights reinstated?

best to deal with a lawyer in your state.........

Can i hire an immigration lawyer from a different state?

Yes, you can hire an immigration lawyer from a different state.

Who is the best lawyer of india and why he is the best?

Ram jethmalani is the best lawyer of india. He is highest paid lawyer in india. He is the richest lawyer in india. He is also a politician. He is also served as a union minister.

Where can one find a lawyer that does Mesothelioma litigation?

There are many lawyers that can help with Mesothelioma litigation. One of the best places to look for a lawyer would be through the Bar Association in the state.

Who is the state's lawyer?

The ATTTORNEY GENERAL of the state is the state's attorney.

Is a Jewish lawyer the best lawyer?

Being a good lawyer does not depend on what religion you practice.

How do you write a letter of appointment for a lawyer?

state name of lawyer and why you choose him

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