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Was Hitler an evil genius?

He was evil and crafty, but not a genius. -- Geniuses don't fight three front wars or invade Russia late in the year without cold weather gear. __ In terms of IQ, Hitl

Descartes and the evil genius?

Descartes creates the evil genius in an attempt to throweverything that he thinks he knows into question. . The evil genius has god-like power that he uses to deceiveDescarte

What is Descartes evil genius argument?

Descartes uses the evil genius argument to get everything exceptwhat he can be sure is true off of the table. . He asserts that there is an evil genius as powerful as God tha

How do you make freaks on evil genius?

You have to research it by getting a freezer rack sample then Using the bio-tanks, impact stress, and centrifuge on it. Just have a freezer with a rack close to you'r lab, a

Who is terry in evil genius?

Terry is the professor in the school of distortion. He teaches mutation. In the first book, it is said that he has a relationship with Tracy Lane. She is also dating Dr. Deal.
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What is Descartes' evil genius argument about?

Descartes' evil genus argument is about a creature with god-likepower that can deceive Descartes regarding absolutely anything. Thepurpose of conceptualizing such a creature i