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Where is the bore of a gun?

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The bore is the inside diameter of the barrel.

Simply put, it's the hole down the middle of the barrel.

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What mean by bore of a gun?

The bore of a gun relates to the diameter of the hole in the barrel - and in turn the diameter of the bullet the gun can fire.

How do you bore out a screw?

get a bore attachment to a screw gun or drill.

Is there a word beginning with C meaning gun bore?

Caliber "Caliber" is a word for the diameter of the bullet or the bore of the gun.

Large bore gun?

What are you asking?

How do you type gun gauge?

bore diameter

How do you spell Beart as in i beart a gun?

The word sought may be bore, and there are two possible connections.The "right to bear arms" means to bear, or carry. The past tense would be that someone bore (carried) a gun. Similarly, there is a use of the verb to bore which means to drill out, and this is the origin of the term bore (inside barrel, or size) or a gun.There is no past tense beared, and instead it is bore.

What does the diameter of The bore in a gun mean?

The bore is the inside of the barrel- that is, the hole that the bullet is fired through. The diameter of the bore is measuring how wide the bore is from one side to another.

How far can a 48 in gun shoot if a 18.1 in gun can shoot a projectile 26 miles?

The range is not directly related to bore diameter. And the largest gun over built (The Tsar bombard) has a 36" bore.

What is a large bore?

Bore describes the size of hole in something that has a hole as its main feature, e.g. a gun.

What is the Diameter of a gun bore?

It depends on the caliber of the bullet.

What shot gun has the smallest bore diameter?


What is the name of the spiral grove in a gun bore?

They are called riflings

What is the Section of gun bore containing the charge called?


Section of gun bore containing the charge?

Chamber or barrel.

What is the name for the Section of gun bore containing charge?


What to look for when looking at the bore of a gun?

clean, no pits or rust.

What side is the bore on a gun?

The bore refers to the hole in the gun barrel thru which the projectile (bullet) passes. Some guns have a smooth bore, but many modern guns, both pistols and especially rifles, have a rifled bore, that is, the bore has a helical (spiral) groove that causes the projectile to spin as it flies thru the air. The diameter of the gun's bore determines the size of the bullet or shell (e.g. .22, .45, 9mm, etc.)

What is the difference between caliber and bore of a gun?

Caliber and bore are used interchangeably nowadays. There are technical differences you can find in the dictionary if you wish.

What is the strongest type of gun?

.700 nitro express or the 4 bore

What type of gun shot Stonewall Jackson?

It was a round smooth-bore.

What is the primary use of laser bore sighers?

A laser bore sighter is primarily used to check if the barrel of a rifle or other gun is straight. They are used in the production of most firearms and by gun owners who are upgrading their weapons.

What is rifle bore?

The bore is the inside of the barrel of the gun. Bore dimension for most rifles is caliber, which is the bore diameter in fractions of an inch or in millimeters. Some older big game rifles had designations such as "12 bore", which is bore diameter the size of a shotgun barrel of the same gauge. Gauge is the number of round balls fitting the bore that can be made from a pound of lead.

What is caliber of a gun?

The caliber of a firearm refers to the bore diameter of the barrel,and what caliber is marked near the chamber of the gun,or on the barrel.

How do you Determine the gun bore?

By measuring the inner diameter of the barrel across the lands.

Do you have to remove your choke from a smooth bore gun?

Not unless you have to change the choke tube.