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Where is the bottom tdc timing mark for a 1998 Rover 414?


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2008-01-23 10:33:20
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Hi there it is behind the bottom pulley virtually 12 o clock ignore the other timing marks on the plastic covers they are not related to what you're doing


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can you tell what are the marks for a rover 25 14 on a 52 reg for got to mark it up thanks

The timing mark is a line that goes across the harmonic balancer that should line up with the mark on the timing chain cover. It is on the drivers side on the bottom of the timing cover.

Your 1998 Mazda 3.1 liter engine does not have timing marks on the crankshaft. The timing marks are on the engine flywheel.

get at it from the bottom get a white marker and mark the timing spot then go up top and you should be able to see it

The top timing mark is a notch on the head. It lines up with an arrow on one of the O's cut out in the timing gear. The bottom timing mark is on the crankshaft gear and it lines up with a mark on the oil pump housing.

line the timing mark from the crankshaft sprocket up with the camshaft sprocket and tada!

Timing marks are on the top of the timing gear rear cover. With the cover off, these marks will line up with the timing marks on the intake and exhaust gears when the crankshaft gear timing mark faces down to its mark at the bottom. Good luck!

sometimes don't have one. bottom pulley 6 o'clock, should be a mark on bottom of oil pump, or a locking pin in the flywheel sets it. cam mark should be about 12 o'clock. new belt has two white lines. timing marks, set the bottom first.

They are on the top timing gear with a mark on the side of it and also on the bottom one on the side

If you are asking about valve timing there are two marks. One on the top which is a mark on the cam pulley which is lined up with the mark on the head and there is a mark on the crankshaft pulley which is aligned with a mark on the oil pump housing.

Align the timing marks on the camshaft gears to the notches on the camshaft cover, using the intake gear mark for the intake gear and the exhaust gear mark for the exhaust gear. 38. Align the mark on the crankshaft gear with the notch at the bottom of the rear timing belt cover.

The timing mark on the top gear should be at 06:00, while the timing mark on the bottom gear should be at 12:00. IOW, they "point to each other" Good luck!

2.4l dohc balance shaft timing mark, crankshaft sprocket timing mark,oil pump timing mark and camshaft TWO timing marks 2.4l sohc balance shft timing mark, crankshaft timing mark, oil pump timing mark and ONE camshaft timing mark. it is complicated only that everymark must be bang on, if not the pistons will hit the valves and YOU get to rebuild engine.

mark harbonson is the first person to invent Mar's rover. Mark Hoboson is a british murderer:p NASA invented the mars rover

On my 2000 Metro with a 1.3L the mark and slot marked with the "E" are used.

there will be a timing mark on the harmonic balancer. and a timing tab on the timing chain cover. point your timing light at the timing tab and you should see the timing mark on balancer. if not timing is way out.markstang.

I thought 1997 was the last year they made the Ford Aspire.

There is no advance for a 1998 Dodge 5.2. You just set the distributor at the mark on TDC and the computer takes care of the rest. It is set to 0 degrees with a scan tool. It can not be done with a timing light.

If memory serves me correctly, the timing marks will be behind the timing belt cover. There will be marks on the gears and also marks on the block. Line the top gear with the top mark and the bottom gear with the bottom mark. Please note that you will need to undo the battery for a few minutes and then reconnect. This allows the computer to reset itself. Hope this helps

Timing on a single-cam 1998 Honda Civic is marked on the cam shaft. The distributor will also need to be set of the appropriate degrees.

Were is the timing mark an a 1994 Nissan sentra 1.6l?

The timing mark is one the Harmonic balancer and the pointer is attached to the timing cover. Roll the motor over to the timing mark, the be sure and mark the number one plug {marked on the intake manifold} the position of the rotor pointer on the distributer.

you can purchase an aftermarket timing tab which bolts to the timing cover.

The fuel pam timing mark Scania 400 is on the engine.

pin the engine on the flywheel. line the timing mark on the cam gear with the timing mark located on the timing cover. the mark on the cover is located at the top and is just a bump formed in the cover.

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