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Where is the camshaft sensor located on a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo?


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2006-10-30 17:46:33
2006-10-30 17:46:33

for the four cylinder it is located in the front part of the engine. you have to remove the spark plug cover cap, then remove the serpentine belt. remove the timing belt cover, then remove the timing belt cover mounting screw located in between the two gears. for the 6 cylinder it is on the back of the drivers side head just behind the intake manifold screwed in from the outside 10mm bolt


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It is located between the camshafts right behind the camshaft pulley's.

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It may be located in the airbag sensor control unit.

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it does not have one, after 2000 modes the camshaft position sensor is eliminated the these vehicles use the use the VRS system to determine where the No. 1 piston is. therefore they only required a Crankshaft sensor not a Camshaft sensor.

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On the drivers side head..rear of the head directly behind the intake manifold

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