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The cheap hotels of New york are low quality and not in convenient places. The cheap hotels are located in downtown New York. These are about $100 and up to $150 for the same quality.

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2011-07-29 13:42:19
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Q: Where is the cheapest hotel in New York?
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What is the cheapest hotel that I can book online in New York City?

There are many different inexpensive hotels to choose from in New York City. Some of the cheapest options include the Bowery Grand Hotel, Sun Bright Hotel, and the JFK Inn.

Are there any deals for hotels in New York city?

HotelsCombined compares the best hotel reservation sites to find the cheapest New York City hotel deals on 741 hotels in New York City, New York.

What are the cheapest hotels in New York City?

One of the cheapest hotels in New York City is Days inn. One can also find great prices on hotels from websites such as auto travel as well as hotel maniac.

What hotel do the Seattle Mariners stay at when playing the New York Yankees in New York?

Either New York's Hotel Pennysylvania, Paramount Hotel, Hotel Carter, Hudson Hotel, Hotel 31, Portland Square Hotel, Sheraton New York Hotel And Towers, Millennium Broadway Hotel New York, Edison Hotel, Chelsea Star Hotel.

What is the most famous hotel in New York?

the most famous hotel in new york is the plaza hotel

What are some hotel deals in New York City?

Whether you're looking for the cheapest (safe) place to sleep in New York City or hoping to save a few dollars but still indulge in New York's luxury hotels, you've come to the right place. New York City hotel discounts and deals will leave you plenty of money for souvenirs.

When was Disney's Hotel New York created?

Disney's Hotel New York was created in 1992.

When was Hotel New York created?

Hotel New York was created on 2004-11-11.

When was New York Biltmore Hotel created?

New York Biltmore Hotel was created in 1913.

When was The New York Palace Hotel created?

The New York Palace Hotel was created in 1981.

Where is the Hudson Hotel located?

The Hudson Hotel is located in New York City, New York.

At what address can the W New York hotel be found?

The W New York hotel is found in New York, New York. It is located at 541 Lexington Avenue.

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