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You will have to use the lighter in your pocket because the car does not have one.

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Q: Where is the cigarette lighter for Toyota ist 2002 model located?
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Is there a cigarette lighter in the Honda 2010 crv lx?

I bought a used Honda CRV LX 4WD. And the cigarette lighter was not in there. I feel there is no cigarette lighter in this model.

Where is fuse box located on BMW 1 series for cigarette lighter?

Does anyone knoew where the fuse is for the cigar lighter in the bmw 118d 2012 model

Where is the fuse box with the cigarette lighter fuse located?

Not knowing the year, make or model vehicle, that info can be found in the drivers manual.

Does a a cigarette lighter work when the car is turned off?

It depends on the make and model of the car.

Where is cigarette lighter fuse in Toyota MR2 1990 model?

Look to your right next to your accelerator pedal. When you find the fuse box, if you look at it front on, it will be on the far left bottom corner.

Which fuse is for the cigarette lighter in a Chrysler Voyager?

Owning a Chrysler Voyager can be fun. However each fuse diagram model is dependent on the Car year model. The fuse for the cigarette lighter should be labeled Accessory in the fuse box.

Where is the location for the rear window hatch fuse located?

On my 2005 model it is the same as the cigarette lighter, which what it is called on the fuse block. The fuse block is located behind the pedals on the driver's side firewall.

Where are the heater and cigarette lighter fuses located on a Kia Sephia?

Usally located in the fuse block. this is normally on the driver side near the floor board. it would help to add the make model and year of vehicle.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 1997 Saturn SL2?

FUSE PANEL LOCATED CENTER CONSOLE PASSENGER SIDE, 20 AMP FUSE FOR DOOR LOCKS IS SAME FOR CIGARETTE LIGHTER ON 1996 SL2 (1997 model has a separate 20 amp fuse just for the cigarette lighter); fuse diagram and a fuse puller are on the inside of the plastic panel covering the passenger footwell side of that front center console

Which fuse do I replace to make my cigarette lighter work in my Pontiac grand am?

On an '03 model, it's fuse #34 located in the engine compartment. It requires a 20 amp mini fuse.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on a 1992 Chevrolet Lumina?

A fuse panel is in the glove compartment of the 1993 model. I don't know which would be the the lighter itself, but there is a fuse for a "panel".

1993 Toyota Radio wiring harness diagram?

Need vehicle model and radio model (located on the front of most Toyota radios).

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