Where is the compass and thermometer fuse located in a 2006 Tacoma?

There isn't a separate fuse for the display; it is fused along with the instrument cluster. So, if your instrument panel is still lit, the fuse for the overhead display is fine. Chances are you have a resistor failure on the display board.

The accessory meter (this is what Toyota calls the ambient temp / compass display) can be removed:

1.) Remove the screw inside the sunglasses compartment. (1 Philips head screw)

2.) Disengage the 2 clips and 3 plastic claws. The locking claws are on the screw end of the console, so you must to gently pull down on the end closest to the windshield where the two clips are. Be careful, it can 'pop' out suddenly. Go slow and make sure you don't yank out the wiring.

3.) Disconnect the accessory meter connector and map lamp connector.

Next, remove the 3 T10 size torx screws that hold the display screen (accessory meter) in.

On the circuit board, there are two surface mount resistors labeled "510". What this means is 51 ohm, as the '0' is the multiplier value.

These two resistors have too much current running through them, so they tend to overheat and the solder pads crack and break over time. This is a known design flaw, and exists in other makes / models of vehicles with this type of display.

Many people are resoldering these as a temporary fix...note that due to oxidation of the resistors the solder won't reflow properly so the repair generally won't last long.

Simply 'rubbing' the resistors to temporarily fix this issue is not a good idea. You will be pulling the unit down and repairing it immediately.

See this guide link below (under 'Sources and Related Links') for a correct do-it-yourself repair, or use a search engine to find a service to professionally repair your display. Repairs and sometimes replacement modules can be found on large auction sites (note that replacement displays will sometimes have the same issue) If your vehicle is under warranty, take it to a dealership and don't attempt any repairs yourself.