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Where is the crankshaft sending sensor located on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix?


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2004-11-17 21:43:10
2004-11-17 21:43:10

The crank sensor should be located down next to the crank shaft, Right side of car They are hard to see, and i think you have to remove the crank pully to get the sensor out, this is a comon problem on the 3.8 L Gm. eng Not a very expensive part, Usualy the car won't start when faulty


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were is the crankshaft sensor located on a 1987 Pontiac Grand AM with a 2.5L engine

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It is located behind the crankshaft pulley and requires the pulley to be removed to change it out.

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there isn't a crankshaft position sensor on a 3.8l motor in a 1999 Pontiac grand prix according to the manual

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Where is the temperature sending unit located on a 2006 Pontiac g6

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on the back of the motor wright below the crank sensor

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