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Well of course everyone knows that the cream filling is within the wonderous little treats that the Hostess Company produces. Such examples would be Hostess Cupcakes, Hostess Ho-Hos, and Hostess Twinkies. You may think the cream filling is inside of other yummy treats such as Ding Dongs or one of the numerous Little Debbie snacks, but let me inform you... they are fakes! (But still good to eat) == More Filling?== To better answer your question, the cream filling is on the inside of a delicious pie or cake. Placing it on the outside would just be messy.

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Q: Where is the cream filling?
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Does the pastry Long John ever have a cream filling?

Yes, usually a cream filling.

What is the difference between custard pie filling and cream pie fillings?

Custard pie filling is made as the name suggests with custard and cream filling with either fresh double/whipping (40%) cream or bakers cream.

What type of cream should you put in your cake filling?

Whipped cream... Butter cream..

How do you make a chocolate donut with cream filling?

You make the dounut then squeeze the cream filling in it them put the chocolate frosting stuff on top

What is in the inside of a Oreo?

Cream Filling.

What is the filling of a twinkie made of?


What is the filling of an Eskimo Pie?

ice cream

Despite its name a Boston cream pie is actually a cake with what filling?

It's Actually a CUSTARD filling

When do you put in cream cheese filling in your cupcakes?

Once the cupcake is cooked and cold (otherwise the filling runs).

What is the Oreo cream filling made of?

Oreo filling is primarily made of vegetable shortening and powdered sugar.

What kind of rock does oreo cream filling have?


Should cream puffs be refrigerated if they have a filling?


What is cannoli filling made of?

Cannoli filling is a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta or marscapone, sugar, vanilla extract, and heavy cream.

How long do you cook a chocolate cream pie?

All the chocolate cream pies I've made started by cooking the crust with no filling, cooking the chocolate filling separately and then filling the pie. The whole thing is then chilled so the filling sets. So you don't actually cook the pie. The shell cooks for about 10 minutes, the filling cooks about 10 minutes.

What the traditional filling for Victoria sponge cake?

cream and jam

What does gateaux mean in English?

Sponge cake with cream filling

What does double cream do in a cheesecake?

It gives the cheesecake filling flavour.

Is twinkie cream filling made of pig fat?


What a pie filling that's not made of fruit?

cream cheese

What was the original flavor of the twinkies cream filling?

banana flavored

What is the cream for Macaroons filling?

It can be a range from buttercream to jam or even ganache

Can you freeze a coconut cream pie?

No, the filling will separate, get watery when it thaws.

What do they use to get the filling of a Twinkie into the Twinkie?

they use a nozzle to insert the cream

Can you freeze coconut cream pie?

No, the filling will separate, get watery when it thaws.

What does synthetic mean as in a small sponge cake with a synthetic cream filling?

Not good cream, its a cheap unhealthy fake one