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On the factory i don't really know.

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First click Charley follow him ckick the door

there is no egg factory in poptropica

how do you get into the chocolate factory on poptropica

find the workshop lady's cat, bring it back to her and get the crowbar, go to the factory and pry open the door near the sewage

The elevator at the factory in poptropica is located in the far left part of the factory. When you arrive at the island you must go left to reach the factory passing the Robo-Bling boutique, which has a toolkit that you can use.

you can not get the cat away from the door on poptropica you have to jump over it

the freezer is in the vent in the factory

The dusk factory door should be locked. Go around the back of the factory and there is another door.

It is just to the right of where you arrive, behind the gate.

how do you openthe factory door in professor layton and the spectres call

you open the door of the ship in poptrpoica

try to use the screw-er and tap 2-10 times and wait for this process then it will work

you have to take it to the factory and on the right side you click on the big pipe and get in the factory your welcome

go to the castle or whatever and open the door

it is in the libary in the casthe

at the side (right side) of the factory

To open the door to the basement on Haunted House in Poptropica, you first must get the key which the bat is flying around with. Then use it to unlock the padlock and onpen the door!

There is no "Temple of Courage" in Poptropica. That is in Legends of Zelda.

If you have the vent map you can go to certain places on the map.

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