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The drain plug for the radiator on the first generation Dodge stratus 4-cylinder (1995-2000) is located directly below the driver's side headlight. If you look through the vent a little below the headlight, you should see a black plastic wingnut. if you've located that, you've found the drain plug. You will probably need a pair of pliers (I used a pair of needle-nose), and you will definitely have to come from behind. With a little bit of work and frustration, you'll get it loose enough to drain the radiator fluid.

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Note: The drain plug is probably in the same location for the 2.5L V-6 powered stratus, but I've never seen one so I can't be sure. If someone else knows this information, they can feel free to post it here.

You can access the drain cock from top or bottom, it is a blind area so you will have to feel for it. once you drain the radiator REMOVE THE DRAIN COCK BY OPENING IT FULLY AND PULLING IT OUT. Inspect the O-ring on it! if it is damaged replace it; if not you will have a leak. The valve is a 3/4 turn and any more and it will break off. WHEN it breaks off , PULL the Radiator! it's a pain but makes repair much easier, you will have to fabricate the plug, there are none left on this planet. put on a new O-ring and use a metal screw in the center hole coat with rtv/sealant and instal.

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Q: Where is the drain plug for the radiator on a 1998 Dodge Stratus?
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