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Where is the ecmb located on 1993 Chevy s10 blazer?


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The ecm would be in the passenger side kick panel.

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The fuel pump relay is mounted on the firewall above the power steering. There are two identical relays side by side.ecmb under the dash!

Does the obd2 plug work? allot of the time it can be joined with the cigarette lighter. Check that it could be an issue. If not I would think the ecm may be shorting out?

There are only two things which cause fuses to "pop," or blow. 1. Electrical current flow [amps] in the circuit which exceed the amperage value of the fuse. This would be caused by a short circuit to ground, either inside the ecmb, or anywhere in the circuit wiring. 2. Very seldom, a fuse may be defective and simply fail "on its own."j3h.

It controls shorting and overload protection for the electronic control module, the "brain" or "computer" located under the right 'kick panel', passengers side.

ECM means engine control module (the computer), and there are two fuses, ECM A and ECM B. I think if either one blows, the engine stops running, so this must be a very annoying problem. You may have a bad wiring harness by the computer, which is located just in front of the passenger door, but I suspect it is more likely a bad sensor or wiring that goes to one of the sensors in the engine. I do not have a wiring diagram, so I do not know exactly which sensors are powered from ECMB.

That controls more than just your fuel pump relay, it also controls the Oil Pressure Switch, and the ECM (Electronic Control Module). Here is the most useful info I could find for you with a diagram:

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which fuse is for the fuel pump in a 1993 chevy s10 blazer

if you have to ask this question, then you shouldn't attempt to change them...

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Where is the idle speed motor located at on a 1995 chevy blazer?

There is no spark plug cap located on the 1993 Chevy Blazer. The spark plug gap for this vehicle varies depending on the type of spark plug that is used. The OEM spark plug gap for this year is 0.040.

The tire jack is located in the rear inside of your Chevy blazer. The jack can be found in a side compartment.

The fuel level sensor would be located in the fuel tank.

I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer 4DR and the relay is located underneath the glove box.

i have a 93 s10 mine was located on the right side of fuse panel its usually silver an round

The oil cap on a 1998 Chevy Blazer is located on the passenger side of the motor. It is just to the left of the manifold cover.

Under the hood, on the driver's side of the firewall. The relay closest to the master cylinder.

The ECM on a 1992 S10 Blazer is located below the glove box.

A blown fuse can make your dashboard lights to not work in your 1993 Chevy Blazer Tahoe. A burned out bulb can also cause this.

The oil pressure switch on a 1998 Chevy Blazer is on the side of the engine block. It is located above the oil filter.

The fuel gauge fuse on 1998 Chevy blazer is located in the front of the blazer. It is on the driver side next to the hook latch.

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