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On my 1992 Prizm the ECU is behind the center console; just beneath the back of the radio/ashtray.

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Where is the PVC valve located on a 95 geo prizm?

It should be towards the passenger side of the engine stuck in the valve cover.

How do you change the third brake light on a '95 GEO Prizm?

From inside the trunk.

How do you reset the gas gauge on a '95 geo prizm 1.6?

add fuel

Is a 97 Toyota corolla and a 94 95 geo prizm engine interchangeable?

96 and 97 Corolla and Prizm are the same, but, they have an extra crankshaft sensor, that the 93, 94, and 95 does not have,

How do you remove the differential on a 95 Geo prizm 3 speed automatic?

remove intire trannie

What is the tire size for Geo prizm 95?

The tire size is usually 185/65/14.

Where is fuel pump located on a 1995 Geo?

95 Geo what? Most fuel pumps are in the gas tank now a days. If it's a Prizm, you can access it by removing the back seat and there's an access panel there under the seat.

Why wont my 95 geo prizm start?

becuase it old like your mom so it can barley move

Where is the ecm on a 95 geo prizm?

It's underneath the carpet on the passenger side right under the dashboard.

Where is the gasket located on a 95 geo prizm?

Under the cylinder head. Under the cylinder head. Unless you're talking about another gasket, but then you'd use the same logic.

How many valves does a 95 geo prizm lsi 1.8 have?

Give your VIN to the dealership and they will tell you. Have a nice day.

Change wireset in 95 geo prizm?

advance auto parts has a good set for about 45 bucks on my 1.6

Where is the freeze plug on a 95 geo prizm?

If I recall correctly, there are four on the 1.6L one is on the front behind the alternator.

Will the vavles bend if the timing belt breaks while driving on a 95 Geo Prizm?

Yes they can bend and might ruin the cylinder head

Why are the brake light are stuck on a 95 Geo Prizm?

on my sons 95 prism i had to loosen the nut on the brake light switch and turn it in a couple turns then retighten the nut, works fine

How do you put a front license plate on a 1995 geo prism?

i have a 95 Prizm and i just bolted the plate to the bumper. it does the same the as a bracket. but it cost no money.

Where is the fuel injector located in geo 95?

Fuel injectors are located on rail by cylinder head

Where is the ecu located on a 95 eclipse?

It's not called a ecu it's called a PCM, On a non turbo it's located in the engine compartment behind the relay/fuse box.

Where is the overdrive switch on a 95 Geo Prizm or What could the OD off light indicate?

I have a 1996 Prizm LSI and the OD switch is a small round button on the side of the shift lever. You could have accidentally switched it off and that is why you get the light.

How do you change the flasher on a 95 geo prizm?

The only answer I've ever seen to this was that it was located under the dash on the driver's side of the steering column, but I've yet to find it. If someone could give a more specific location, would greatly appreciate.

Will geo prizm rims fit a Geo Metro?

It depends on the year and wheel configuration of your metro. Most metros have a 4 lug 12 inch wheel design whereas the Prizm has a 4 lug 13 - 14 inch wheel base. They may fit on a Geo Metro Convertible or any Geo Metro made after 1995 because after 95 the metro had 13 inch wheels. I would check by direct comparison first.

Will a 93 Geo Metro transmission fit in a 95 Geo Metro?

Can you swap a 93 Geo metro manual transmition with a 95 Geo Metro

Can you put a 1995 Geo Tracker engine into a 1997 Geo Tracker?

if they are both 16 -valve engines ,yes if one is 8-valve & the other is 16-valve, then short block only ANSWER: The '95 and '97 Trackers have different sensors and ECU's. The only way you could put a '95 engine in an '97 TRacker would be if you also had the ECU from the '95

95 geo prism starter?

Yes it should have one located on the backside of the motor, under the intake.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1996 Geo Prizm?

My son had a 95 prism and he found the filter in the left rear wheel well use the open end wrenches be careful not to twist the fuel line.