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Where is the engine control unit located in a 1990 cavalier?


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Cavalier 1985-93 Top of Glove Compartment


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It is located on the back side of the engine, where the distributor originally went.

The check engine light cannot be retrieved on a 1990 Cavalier unless a problem develops with the engine. The engine can be checked for errors, though, by using a tester that is plugged into the vehicle's computer.

The idle air control valve on a 1990 Ford Escort is located on the intake manifold. An idle air control valves function is to control the amount of air that is allowed to enter the engine so the idle can stabilize.

The stock horsepower is 140 for the 3.1L engine.

it is located to the right side of the gas pedal up under the dash

The firing order for a 1990 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 is 1-3-4-2. The number one cylinder is closest to the front of the engine.

check your idle control valve located behind the engine

It is located on top of the transmission where the shift cable attaches to the transmission.

The 1990 Chevy Celebrity engine is distributorless, the ignition is handled by a combination of the engine control module(computer) and the ignition control module. You did not mention which engine the car has. If your car has the 4 cylinder engine the ignition control module is below the intake manifold at the rear of the engine. You can follow the spark plug wires to it. The coils are mounted to the ignition control module. If your car has the V6 the ignition control module is near the starter and again you can follow the spark plug wires to it. Again the coils are mounted to the ignition control module.

idle air control motor where is it located

Try looking on the head, on the passenger side of the throttle body

Are the front driving components(A-arms)from a 1993 Cavalier compatable with a 1990 Cavalier?

The starter on a 1990 Cadillac DeVille is located on the bottom of the engine near the back. It is on the side by the radiator.

Traditionally the engine computer for a 1990 Jaguar xj6 is located in the car near the engine. The computer can also locate behind the dashboard near the engine.

to the left of the wiper motor, a vacum hose and electrical connections are attacted to it


Between the engine and the transmission.

13.6 u.s. gallons (Not answered by smokingallowed. I answer 95-01 Cavalier 2.4L engine & general 3rd generation chassis questions)

where are the temperature sending unit located on a 1990 Chevy engine 5.7

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