Where is the forest troll camp in Free Realms?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Where is the forest troll camp in Free Realms?
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Is there a chef camp in Free Realms?

yes there is a chef camp in free realms. i don't now where it is anymore, but it's there. have fun exploring!!

Where is archer training in Free Realms?

The archer trainer, Lugabow, can be located in the North-Central part of the Greenwood Camp in the Greenwood Forest. The forest is in the southwest section of Sacred Grove, and the camp can be easily accessed by heading west from the Lavender Coast Pass warpstone.

Where are the roboglin junkpiles on Free Realms?

in the robgoblin camp or nw of the crossroads.(or anywhere)

Where are the wizard glasses in Free Realms?

its on a rock somewhere just on the outside of the camp

How do you become a wizard in Free Realms?

in a run down camp between snowhill and lakeshore

Where to find the perfecting the batter quest in Free Realms?

Find Glerga in the Robgoblin camp.

How do you go to a treble race on Free Realms?

Click on the barrel by the Counselor dude in Chatty Camp

Where is Fiddlesticks on Free Realms?

There is nobody named Fiddlesticks on Free Realms. However, i assume you mean Fizzlesticks, the wizard trainer. If you where to teleport to the Robgoblin Treasure Trove battle, he would be located in the camp at the base of the mountain.

What is the location of the wizard in Free Realms?

The wizard trainer is located in the Robgoblin Camp north of Lakeshore and the Durango Zoo.

How do you become an archer in Free Realms?

Well you have to find an archer trainer in the archery camp. Then talk to her and complete the quests and youll become one. But by now you should already have the job free realms gave you all the jobs when they updated the website.

Where is danger peaks on Free Realms?

The Teir 2 battle Danger Peaks is near the Greenwood Archer camp. The path to it is characterized by ninjas that vanish, and reappear in different spots periodically.