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Probably under vehicle--follow fuel line from tank

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the fuel filter is located behind and above the fuel tank filler neck

The fuel filter and the fuel filter pressure regulator are the same part on the 1988 Dodge Ram 50 Pickup. This part is located in front of the gas tank next to the fuel pump.

Sounds like a fuel filter problem so I would first check all filters in the fuel system.

The filter at the bottom of the pump unit is a strainer, and there are actually two of them in there. The main filter is held on top of the pump unit by a clip and also acts as a fuel pressure regulator. The fuel filter/regulator is reckoned by Jeep to be a lifetime filter. The only reason for changing it is if the anti drainback valve has failed within it, allowing fuel to slowly drain back into the tank causing a long crank problem at cold starts. The filter/regulator is available on eBay for around $50.

On your 1989 DODGE TRUCK RAM 50 2WD, the FILTER-FUEL is: UNDER HOOD, CENTER, LOWER ENGINE AREA, BETWEEN FUEL PUMP AND CARBURETOR, MOUNTED IN FUEL LINE See under component location for this stuff. there is also a filter right between the fuel tank and the frame rail depending on what model d50 you have....I have an 89 and this is where mine is located.

The fuel filter is located at the front left corner of the fuel tank. its easy to get to i just removed the access panel held on by 10mm bolts, in the drivers side rear wheel well and removed the 2 12mm bolts on the bed mount that holds the fuel filter bracket then i just snaked it past the filler neck and removed the 2 lines on it and put it back together its really easy took about 5 min.

The 1987 Ford F1 50 pickup truck air filter is located on the top of the engine. The air filter will be in the air filter housing.

The most common reason for you to lose fuel crime, in your Ford F1 50 pickup truck, is a fuel leak. A faulty fuel pump can also cause the problem.

50% chance - Fuel pump is goin bad 50% chance - fuel line clogged (check fuel filter)

50-60psi key on engine off, 45-60psi key on engine running

Clogged fuel filter, air filter, or a fuel pump going bad. ckeck and see if you have water in the filter, if you do you need to drain the tank.

Could be a fuel filter or fuel pump is weak. Change fuel filter and check output pressure of the fuel pump at the Schrader valve on the fuel rail. You will need a fuel pressure gauge. At idle you should be getting at LEAST 30 to 50 psi.

Plugged/dirty fuel filter Plugged/dirty air filter Maybe it is time for a good tune up.

You can find a fuel tank assembly diagram for your Ford F1 50 pickup truck at most Ford dealerships. Ford service manuals will have the fuel tank assembly diagram and can be found at your local library.

The 1997 Ford F2 50 cabin air filter is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The cabin air filter will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

The 1986 Ford F1 50 pickup truck fuel pump fuse will be the number six fuse. The number six fuse will be in the first column, fourth from the bottom.

The oxygen sensor relay could be the problem. There may also be a problem with the fuel intake not getting enough gas.

Filter itself fairly cheap; with labour expect to spend about $50

The 2003 Ford F1 50 cabin air filter is located behind the dashboard. The air filter will be on the passenger side of the passenger cabin.

The 1987 Ford E3 50 fuel, is located on the front of the fuel tank. The fuel pump can be viewed by crawling underneath the vehicle.

Under the inlet manifold. Black steel canister type, about 100mm x 50 mm.

give the car a tune up and check timing ANSWER #2:: Does it cut out at 50 MPH?? Could be it needs a new fuel filter since that is about the speed where an engine starts to cut out when the filter is plugged up. Just my past experience. A plugged fuel filter can also damage your fuel pump.

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