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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1986 Ford Ranger and how do you replace it?


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Should be on left side (driver side) of framein front of exterior fuel pump. There should be a white tab to remove from each line. tines should slide off. When replacing tabs make sure they a replaced correctly.

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the fuel filter on a 1986 ford ranger is located on the inside of the frame on the drivers side in front of the gas tank.

Just follow the fuel line from the tank to the engine. Along the way, you will find the filter.

the filter is located under neath at back wheel on the drivers side the lines and filter is obvious just un clamp and change it.

Parts that old replace them with new ones.

the fuel filter is located on driverside rear in front of the rear wheel.

i have a 1990 jimmy and it should b the same but follow the fuel tube along the undercarage and u should come to the filter and then all u do is unbolt the clamp and unbolt the filter and in goes the new one.. i have a 1986 S-15 JIMMY and found the fuel filter on the engine block. Located below the power steering pump, on drivers side.

fordparts.com shows that it uses the ( Motorcraft FL-1-A ) engine oil filter

there are two fuel filters on the 86 Ranger. The primary is located inside the left frame rail, near the area between the cab and the bed. It is behind a metal shield. Take one of the two bolts out and you should be able to swing the shield away and remove and replace the filter. It is a fist sized and shaped like a cylinder. The secondary filter is located in the engine compartment. Trace the fuel line from from the left frame rail up into the compartment. You should find it near the left rear. It is shaped like a traditional filter and looks like a doll's goblet with nipples. Hope this helps.

Release the pressure from the system by loosening the top nut. Then just loosen the nut for in and out. Make sure you replace the washers. I believe there are three washers.

in lower intake Manifold at the back, also replace breather filter under the PCV.

Usually on the frame rail just behind the driver's area.

Just squeez the white colored plastic pieces and pull the lines away from the filter. Warning Fuell will leak or spray from lines but, will stop shortly. than just sanp the lines onto the new filter

The fuel filter for a 1986 Chevy G20 should be mounted on the frame under the van. The filter is an inline type and should be easy to change.


The fuel filter is located uner the rear colum of the rear RHS door. It is usually located in a small frame & the hoses clip on & are held in place by a small clip. Easier to undo the bolts holding the whole system first, then the cover over the filter. Aussie Bill

The 1986 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck fuel filter is located inside of the fuel tank. The fuel tank will need to be removed in order to change the fuel filter.

On the fuel line going to the carburetor.

The fuel filter is located just below the drivers door on the frame rail. There are two clamps to pull the filter.

the fuel filter is located on the drivers side close to the fire wall, its white an looks like a little canster with to lines on it.

pull the trans take out the old clutch and put a new one in then put it back together. or do what i do i buy a book on my ranger and fix it myself

what is the mpg rate on a 1986 ford ranger 2.9 v6

the fuel filter is below the passenger side rear door, on the side of the frame. wal-mart sells the filter.

The fuel filter is located on the passenger side. look under the hood, it should be inline with the strut tower.

Right above the oil filter , in the engine block.

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