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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser?


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your fuel filter is located behind the alternator witch is beside the oil filter


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I have a 1988 toy. My fuel filter is located above the front right area of the engine closer to the back of the motor.

it has an oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, but no trans filter.

where is fuel filter located on 1988 olds cutlas ciera?

The fuel filter for a 1988 Legend is located under the hood. It is bolted to the firewall near the top of the engine.

front of the engine,when your facing the car .look down to your left,long handle pliers or oil-cap wrench will do! make sure to wipe after filter is off and check alloil filter rings.

the oil filter is located on the back side of the block in the middle

The 1988 Toyota oxygen sensor is located on the air cleaner housing. You will find the sensor, on the back side of the housing.

Where is fuel filter on 1988 bronco II?" HOW TO CHANGE IT ---- It is located underneath the car, driver side area.

the fuel filter is located behind and above the fuel tank filler neck

The filter is located under the car on the passenger's side just forward of the rear tire.

The fuel filter on a 1988 Chevy celebrity 2.5 litre FI is located right in front of the rear passenger side tire.

It is inside the gas tank. You have to take the tank out to get to it.

..the oil filter is located under the engine , centered approx. 4 inches back from the radiator.

there's a panel to remove located in the front drivers side wheel well.

It is inside the oil pan, is this is automatic. If not, there is no filter.

it is on the inside of the framerail on the passenger side

Obviously, very similar to the answer for the 1988 fuel filter. Damned if you dont have to replace these things about every 7 years. On an 87 you start at the gas tank and follow the line. But, after you get under there, by the back wheelwell passengerside, if you have to move forward you missed it. It is easy to find and easy to replace. This also applies to a 1988 Toyota Pickup. Just in front of the rear passenger tire.

fuel pump is manual and sitting on top of engine,by the distribitor.behind the valve cover.(Can be traced from fuel filter near lower part of brake boster.)

the fuel filter is located on the inside of the frame on the drivers side about even with the door

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