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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1990 Honda Civic LX?


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2004-09-27 14:55:00
2004-09-27 14:55:00

on the firewall. If you bend over the passenger fender and look down the firewall you will see a black (unless it has ben changed) round cylender filter with two lines connected to the top of it. it takes a 17mm socket. some filters require a Honda tool to remove. there is a 10mm bolt on the side of the filter that you need to remove to take the filter out. I change this bolt to a longer one when I change them as it is easyer to start the threads. Good luck...Michael


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The starter of a 1990 Honda Civic is located on top of the transmission housing. There are two bolts mounting the starter to the transmission.

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Follow the fuel line from the fuel rail to the fire wall and the fuel filter should be on the passengers side of the firewall.

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Let me know if you have found out the answer to this question i need to disarm my 1990 Honda civic also

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