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I have a 96 Civic. So you are in luck. The fuel filter is located on the firewall next to the battery (only a few inches away).


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The 1996 Honda Civic does not have a cabin filter.

where is the fuel filter on a 1996 Honda civic dx

capacity with a new oil filter is 3.8 qts. 1996 Honda civic ex

The VSS is located on The transmission

The fuel filter on a 1996 Honda Passport is located underneath the vehicle close to the gas tank. The filter will have bolts holding it in.

It depends on the model. D16Y8 Honda Civic EX 1996-2000 D15Z Honda Civic HF 1996-2000 D15Y7 Honda Civic DX/LX/CX 1996-2000

at the top of the lower rad hose (in housing)

how do you replace a/c compressor for 1996 honda civic 1.6L


can you show me a fuse diagram for a 1996 Honda Civic

on the intake manifold, just above the oil filter and below the front of the air breather(very hard spot to get at)

yes, the motors are interchangeable.

A 1996 Honda Civic will have a 1.6 Liter 4 cylinder engine, regardless of the trim model.

The 1996 Honda Civic OBD 2 port is on driver side,connector faces down

how to remove front passenger seat of 1996 Honda Civic EX 2 door coupe

The 1998 Honda Odyssey has the same fuel filter location as the 1996 model seen in the video below.

No the 1996 does not have a cabin filter.

Honda Civic - sixth generation - was created in 1996.

Where can I find a passenger side door wiring diagram for a 1996 Honda civic ex coupe?

it should be mounted onto the firewall right next to the battery (top left hand corner). its the roundish black box thingy :D

The answer is no because the civic was redesigned in 2001 and also the trans also changes too.

how difficult is it to replace the MS on a 1996 Honda accord

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