Where is the fuel filter located on a Toyota Toyota 4Runner?

Unknown year - In front of the drivers side rear wheel. It's bolted to the frame. On my 1994 4runner it's bolted to the frame on the PASSENGER side about midway between the front and rear wheels. Toyota states you should never have to replace a fuel filter as they are designed for life; unless you know for a fact you have purchased bad gas. On my '96 Limited it's on the left frame rail underneath the car, almost directly beneath the driver's seat. Good idea to replace it every 100,000 miles or so. On my 1986 4runner EFI, it's bolted to the engine block underneath the fuel rail. I've had to replace it once before. But in any engine configuration find where the fuel enters your engine (either carburetor fuel supply, or the fuel rail on EFI) and trace the line back toward the source (gas tank) somewhere in that line will be the filter, and they can look very different from eachother, I know mine just looks like a big metal canister.