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Under the hood in the fuse/relay center.

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No where

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Q: Where is the fuel main relay located in a 1993 Honda civic dx?
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Wiring diagram fuel pump relay 1993 Honda Civic dx?

The fuel pump relay for a 1993 Honda civic dx is located up under the dash on the drivers side. Close to the steering column.

Where is the knock sensor located on a 1993 Honda Civic EX?

1993 Honda Civic EX's dont have knock sensors.

Where is the starter relay in 1993 Honda civic si?

The starter relay is located next to the handle to open your hood..There is a fuze box and to the left of that is the relay for the starter and many other functions.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a Honda civic 1993 lsi and where can i get hold of one in the UK?

It's located under the fuse box on the driver side. it's also the main relay

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1993 Honda civic?

The 1993 Honda Civic neutral safety switch is located on the top of the transmission. The neutral safety switch will be near the back of the transmission.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1993 Honda Civic EX?

fuel pump relay and main relay are the same, it is located under the dash, drivers side kick panel near the fuse block, if it is original it will be gray in color and "main relay" will be printed on it.

1993 Honda civic wont start where is fuel fuse?

The fuse box, on your 1993 Honda Civic, is located in the engine compartment. A diagram of the fuses can be found on the inside of the fuse box cover.

Where is the water pump located on a 1993 Honda Civic LX?

The water pump on a 1993 Honda Civic is found on the driver side of the engine bay. The pump assembly can be seen next to the timing belt.

Is the glove box from a 1993 Honda civic coupe the same as 1993 Honda civic hatchback?


What are the numbers on the distributor for a 1993 Honda Civic LX?

what are the numbers on the distributor for a 1993 Honda civic LX

Where is the fuel reset switch on 1993 Honda civic?

The 1993 Honda Civic fuel reset switch is located in the fuse box. The location of the fuel reset switch will be listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Where is coolant drain plug on 1993 Honda Civic?

The coolant drain plug on the 1993 Honda Civic is located right below the manifold bolts close to the transmission side. There is another drain plug located on the back of the block left of the fuel filter.

Engine light on a 1993 Honda Civic?

code 34 honda civic

Will a 1994 Honda Civic engine fit in a 1993 Honda Civic?


How do you fix the main relay on a 1993 Honda civic?

I'm not sure on a 93 but on my 89 inside the car behind the dash on the left side of the steering wheel is where my main relay was located. I just started taking it apart till i found it. good luck

Will a 1993 Honda Civic engine interchange with a 1999 Honda Civic?

not without major modifications

Does a 1993 Honda Civic alternator fit a 1997 Honda Civic?

no, obd1 and obd2 difference

Did civic hatchback's have CD players in 1993?

Did the 1993 Honda Civic hatchback's have cd players when they came out in 1993?

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1993 Honda civic?

on the side of the gearbox, there is a levelling screw, that determines the amount of oil

Where is the power steering fluid located in a 1993 Honda Civic 2 door Coupe?

near the wiper bottle

Where is the flasher relay on your 1993 Honda civic wagon?

Front seating area, driver side, under dash, mounted on driver side of steering column.

Well a 1993 Honda Civic DX engine fit in a 1997 Honda Civic?

yes i did use old cables

Will a distributor from a 1993 Honda Civic dx fit on a 1993 Honda Civic ex?

No it will not, the dx did not come with the v-tec engine and the ex did. There are 2 different distributors used.

What type of transmission is in a 1993 Honda Civic LX?

A 1993 Honda Civic has 4 different engines. All four engines can come with either a manual or an automatic transmission.

What year Honda 5 speed manual transmission will fit into a 1993 civic?

The 1993 hoda civic 5 speeb