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Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on 1993 Mazda mx3 v6?


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The fuel pressure regulator is located on the fuel rail of the vehicle. It should be on the head closest to the front of the vehicle.


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The fuel pressure regulator is located on the fuel rail of the vehicle.

the fuel pressure regulator is located behind the drive belt close to the top

There are two. one is in the fuel tank with the fuel pump, the second is at the fuel pressure regulator

The engine computer is the voltage regulator.

You will find the fuel pressure regulator on the passenger side of the car just behind the valve cover. follow the fuel filter usually gold in color and the lines attached to it from the passenger inner fender wall to the regulator.

The engine computer is also the voltage regulator.

The engine computer is the regulator. It is behind the battery.

It is part of the pump module in the tank.

The voltage regulator is on the alternator, you'll have to take the alternator off to get at it.

The 1993 Mazda. reverse light switch is located below the shifter column. The relay switch can be seen by removing the center console.

The fuel pressure regulator is located beneath the plenum hosing cover where you will also find the fuel injector hoses. The plenum cover is located directly over the top of the engine where the air intake is attached. It is usually a silver or aged gray with hose like curves on both sides.

its right on your throttle body behind your injectors on the same assembly. if you want to change it, take out your injectors but replace the whole bracket with the regulator on it. there is a spring in that regulator that will fly out if you take it apart, plus there is a good chance it will leak after you get it back together

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Most vehicles now use a solid state regulator that is inside the alternator.

More likely than not the regulator is located and integral to the alternator. If you have a bad regulator you should go and buy a new alternator.

It is on the top left corner of the throttle body, connected to a metal pipe. There is a sticker on the inside of the hood with a diagram of the vacuum system.

The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank.

it is to the left of the engine beside your belt.

It is located behind the kick panel of the driver side.

The engine computer is the voltage regulator on a 1993 Jeep.

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