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Top of the throttle body

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Q: Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1993 Chev silverado pu 3500 with a 454 cubic inch engine?
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How many cubic inches is a 4.8 liter engine in a silverado?

293 cubic inches.

What is the part number for the 1988 Ford Bronco fuel pressure regulator with a 351w engine?

Motorcraft ( CM 4764 ) according to motorcraft . com ( no spaces ) new fuel pressure regulator for a 1988 Ford Bronco 351 cubic inch

How many cubic inches is a 5.3 liter engine in a silverado?


What block size is in the 2002 Chevy silverado 1500hd 6.0L?

That is a V-8 engine: 6.0L has 364 cubic inches.

What is 1979 oil pressure in a 350 engine?

The 1979 Chevrolet 350 cubic inch engine oil pressure should be in the 40 to 45 PSI range. The more miles an engine has the lower the oil pressure will be.

Where is the starter located on a 1995 Chevy silverado 350 cubic in engine?

Standing in front of engine, it is on the left back bottom side of engine. You will have to lay down under passanger side of engine and look up.

How much power does a 1990 chevrelot pickup truck with a 350 engine have?

A stock 1990 Chevy silverado with a 350 cubic inch, 5.7 liter V8 engine produces 210 horsepower.

How much fuel pressure is needed to run 350 Chevy tpi engine?

The typical 350 cubic inch Chevrolet engine requires a fuel pressure of 12 to 18 psi. The exact fuel pressure required is dependent upon the year and the engine application.

What does 6.0 liter equal in cubic inches?

The 6.0 liter in a Chevy Silverado is 364 cubic inches

Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on a 1997 1500 pickup with a 318 cubic inch motor?

uhmmmmm there is no such thing a a k1500 with a 318 cubic inch engine.

What size motor is a 4.8 on a Chevy Silverado?

292.8 cubic inches

Where is the oil pressure sending unit on a 1996 Ford F 150 302 cubic inch engine?

I believe that is near the oil filter on the engine block

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